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Magento. How to edit banners

  1. Log into the admin panel of your store. Navigate to CMS -> Pages -> Home:


  2. Select the Design tab. You will find banner reference there:


  3. This means banners are controlled by a static block.

  4. Go to CMS -> Static blocks -> Banner-container:


  5. Search for the following piece of code:

    <div class="bage"><img src="{{skin url='images/banner-1.jpg'}}" alt="" /></div>
    <div class="banner-txt">
    	<p>Duis ultr icies pharetra magnonec accuanl esuada orcinec sitmet eros.</p>
    	<a href="{{store url=''}}cruiser.html" class="banner-btn">Shop now!</a>
  6. Here you can modify the image, link and text for the banner:


  7. In order to change the link for the banner, you have to open the required page and copy its URL. Place it instead of page_url here in <a href={{store url=''}}></a> line.

  8. The default reference used for the banner image is <img src="{{skin url='images/banner-1.jpg'}}" alt="">. Replace the default name of the file with the required one. Make sure new banner image is uploaded, usually it is located under /skin/frontend/default/theme###/images/media/ folder on server.

  9. <h3>Cruisers</h3> is where you can change banner text. Update it with your own one. Make sure text is placed within the <h3> </h3> tags.

Use ‘Save Block’ button to apply the changes and open Magento front-end to view modifications.


Feel free to check the detailed video tutorial below:

Magento. How to edit banners

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