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Magento. How to edit social icons block (starting from template #54689+)

This video tutorial will show how to edit social icons block in Magento templates (starting from template #54689+).

Magento. How to edit social icons block (starting from template #54689+)

In order to edit social icons block, you should perform the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the Dashboard area. Open CMS item and select Static Blocks tab:


  2. The second step will be to find your Social icons block. In this template it is called soc-icon. Please note that block name can be different in your template:


  3. As you can see in Social icons block section you can change links for Social icons and path to images for Social icons.

  4. The next step will be to change link url. In <a href=”#”> tag we have to replace # sign with the actual link. Perform the same actions and set appropriate links.

  5. In order to change the image, you have to change icon code. You can check all available icons by the following link: Font Awesome Icons.

  6. In case you need to replace icon with another one, just open official site, find icon that you prefer and paste its code into the class field. It has to look like this code for example: <a href=”https://www.tumblr.com/” class=”fa fa-tumblr”>:


  7. Save changes and refresh your site. In such way you can change all social icons on your website.

  8. To view the changes, go back to your website and refresh the page with the text that you have changed.

Feel free to check the detailed video tutorial below:

Magento. How to edit social icons block (starting from template #54689+)