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Magento. How to manage manufacturers

This tutorial will show you how to manage Manufacturers in Magento.

Magento. How to manage manufacturers

Manufacturer list is usually located in the sidebar of the Product Category page. Open your site’s admin panel and navigate to Catalog > Attributes > Manage Attributes to modify the items:


  1. In the opened table search for the ‘Manufacturer’ line and access it:


  2. On the left you should go to ‘Manage Label / Options’ tab. Here you can manage the list of available manufacturers. Create new items, modify, or remove the current ones. To create another manufacturer, use the ‘Add Option’ button.

  3. You will see empty tags for the attribute values per each available language. Fill in them all. Under the ‘Position’ tab feel free to manage the order for the items in the attribute list. Click ‘Save Attribute’ button on top once you are done editing:


  4. Then navigate to Catalog > Manage products. Select any products from the list and open it. Under the General section you should navigate to Manufacturer tab. Use the drop-down list available and select newly created attribute from the list:


    NOTE: new attribute won’t show up in the store front-end if there is no product assigned to it. So make sure you have at least one item assigned to this manufacturer.

  5. Save changes then and go back to the store front-end. Refresh the page. New attribute should appear in the sidebar list.

    NOTE: if you don’t see a new item in the list, navigate to the admin panel to clear cache and re-indexdata.

Feel free to check the detailed video tutorial below:

Magento. How to manage manufacturers