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Meet ‘Premiumlayers’ and Their Best-Selling Template ‘APOA’ [Top Vendor Stories]

Premiumlayers became our vendor seven months ago. Check out their products and vendor statistics! Our vendors often use their vendor profiles as portfolios. Join us and get a personal vendor page!

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Professional Motto

Practice makes perfect! Good usability will make your themes popular!

Feedback and Suggestions to TemplateMonster Marketplace

  • The pricing is fair and the customer service is excellent. You have successfully resolved many minor issues; keep it up!
  • The upload process could be improved; authors could have more freedom to edit product descriptions.

Interesting facts

  • Fell in love with Photoshop in 2003.
  • Knew about TemplateMonster long before joining us as a vendor.
  • Has a vast portfolio of HTML5 themes waiting soon to be submitted to our platform.
  • Expects to earn $6-8K a month at TemplateMonster Marketplace.

TM Hero Journey

TemplateMonster: What are your goals as a TM vendor?

Premiumlayers: In the next 2-4 months, I’m hoping to have about $6-8K+ of monthly income at least.

TemplateMonster: What can you say about your journey from a new vendor to the top?

Premiumlayers: It’s just amazing, and it went so fast!

TemplateMonster: What makes a good online marketplace?

Premiumlayers: Nice UI & UX for sellers and Buyers. Good Functionality with lots of features and abilities for authors especially. Good Support Team. Helpful reviewers.

TemplateMonster: What makes a good website template?

Premiumlayers: Usability – Making a template that is easy to use & customize even for a novice user.

TemplateMonster: What makes a good web designer?

Premiumlayers: A good designer should understand the needs of the audience and have some front-end coding skills to make the coder’s life easier.

Comments from TemplateMonster Team

Premiumlayers, from your story we see that nothing is impossible for a person who’s not afraid of hard work. We are inspired by your ambition and proud to have you as a vendor. Looking forward to having more of your themes in our marketplace!

Can you relate to premiumlayers’ story? Want to share your own?

Did you like APOA? Which theme in the profile did you like most?

We want to hear from you; don’t hesitate to leave a comment!

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