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Meet ‘Themex’ and Their ‘PERFECT’ Corporate WordPress Theme [Top Vendor Stories]

Themex has been our vendor for three months, and their stats are already impressive. You can check out their full portfolio and add comments to the products you like most! Also, every vendor can use their personal profile as a design portfolio and a self-promotion tool.

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Professional Motto

Compete to survive. Love your work and make your designs at least 20% innovative.

Feedback and Suggestions to TemplateMonster Marketplace

  • The pricing is always accurate. Moreover, the TM customer support system is fantastic.
  • I would change your preview, thumbnails, and the size of slider images.

Interesting facts

  • Has a diploma in computer sciences.
  • Used to practice coding for 12 hours a day.
  • Learned about TemplateMonster from watching David Braun on YouTube.
  • Has a full-time job.
  • Thinks that good design is 80% ideas and 20% work.

TM Hero Journey

TemplateMonster: What are your goals as a TemplateMonster vendor?

Themex: I want to remain a top vendor and make my products better every day.

TemplateMonster: What can you say about your journey from a new vendor to a top seller?

Themex: You cannot choose between beautiful design and excellent customer service. Got to offer both or you will lose the competition.

TemplateMonster: What makes a good online marketplace?

Themex: A marketplace can be good only if it doesn’t sacrifice quality for anything. It should offer much freedom and opportunity to vendors while having high-quality standards.

TemplateMonster: What makes a good WordPress theme?

Themex: The quality of a template depends a lot on user interface and user experience. Easy customization that requires no coding skills is a must too!

TemplateMonster: What makes a good web designer?

Themex: A designer should have the ability to generate innovative design ideas while being on top of the latest trends. In my opinion, a good design is 80% ideas and 20% work.

Comments from TemplateMonster Team

Dear Themex, your thirst for self-improvement is a big inspiration to us. We too believe in innovation and seek the highest quality in everything we do. We are thrilled to have you with us! Let’s rock it!

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