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Meet ‘TheShahriyar’ and Their Best-Selling Template ‘REVSON’ [Top Vendor Stories]

To find out more about TheShahriyar and their products, check out their vendor profile. There you can see overall vendor stats and the rates for each template. As an author, you can share links to your profile via social media and use it as an interactive portfolio.

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Professional Motto

Customers are everything. If you respect your customers by offering them functional and quality products, you will succeed.

Feedback and Suggestions to TemplateMonster Marketplace

  • Overall, I find the service excellent and will upload more themes.
  • Sometimes, it takes several more days to receive the payment.

Interesting facts

  • Learned how to code while taking studies in the university.
  • Learned about TemplateMonster in September 2017 and immediately joined the marketplace.
  • Wants to join TemplateMonster team as a reviewer sometime.

TM Hero Journey

TemplateMonster: What are your goals as a TemplateMonster vendor?

TheShahriyar: I want to earn more than $3k a month and become a top seller in the Web Templates category. My other goal is to be part of the TemplateMonster team as a website template reviewer, and I have submitted a CV for that.

TemplateMonster: What can you say about your journey from a new vendor to the top?

TheShahriyar: You cannot choose between beautiful design and excellent customer service. Offer both or you will fail.

TemplateMonster: What makes a good online marketplace?

TheShahriyar: Quality products and excellent support make a good marketplace.

TemplateMonster: What makes a good website template?

TheShahriyar: It should have an excellent design, many features, and work flawlessly.

TemplateMonster: What makes a good web designer?

TheShahriyar: A good designer should know the niche they work in, so as not to miss out on any critical blocks or details in their product. To do this, before making the actual design, you need to see other works of this category, understand what pages and blocks are needed, and know how to present best UI and UX.

Comments from the TemplateMonster Team

TheShahriyar, we are very inspired by your enthusiasm and drive as a vendor! Your attitude towards design and quality perfectly matches TemplateMonster values. Looking forward to receiving more works from you!

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