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OpenCart 1.5.x. Shopping cart&checkout settings

OpenCart provides a built-in shopping cart system to allow your customers to add or delete products to a basket from the catalog and complete the order etc then re-directs your customers to the checkout page.

To configure the options, log into your OpenCart admin panel and go to the System -> Settings menu.

Click on edit under the Action tab.

Select the Option tab.

Scroll to the Checkout settings.

  • Display Weight on Cart Page sets whether we will show the weight value in the cart page. You can set it to Yes.
  • Guest Checkout allows your customers to checkout without creating an account. It is not available when a downloadable product is in the shopping cart.
  • Checkout Terms option forces people to agree to terms before an a customer can checkout. by setting which agreement your customers need to abide by before checkout.
  • Order Editing stands for the number of days allowed to edit an order. This is required because prices and discounts may change over time corrupting the order if its edited. Keep in mind how often your prices vary for a product while making this change.
  • Invoice Prefix allows you to set the invoice prefix (e.g. INP). of our site.
  • Order Status will set the default order status when an order is processed. You can leave it as it is.
  • Complete Order Status allows you to set the default order status when an order is processed. You can leave it as it is.

Under the Stock section:

  • Stock Checkout: option allows your customers to still check out even if the products they are ordering are not in stock. You can set it to No.

Under the Account section:

  • Account Terms allows you to set which policies your customers need to agree to when they create their accounts and proceed to checkout. This will force customers to agree with our privacy policy while they create their account with our store shop.

To change the cart button in the Shopping Cart on your site, go to System -> Setting-> Image.

Feel free to check the detailed video tutorial below:

OpenCart. Shopping cart&checkout settings