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osCommerce. How to manage manufacturers

This tutorial will show you how to manage manufacturers in osCommerce store.

osCommerce. How to manage manufacturers

In order to manage manufacturers please open your Admin panel -> Catalog -> Manufacturers.

You will see list of existing manufacturers. In order to edit one you ought to select manufacturer and click "Edit’.

You may change "Manufacturers Name", select new "Manufacturers Image", "Manufacturers URL". After all changes have been completer pleases click "Save" button.


Also you may delete manufacturer. for this please select the one and click "Delete". You may select option for "Delete manufacturers image" (yes/no).

In order to add new manufacturer please:

  1. Open again Catalog -> Manufacturers you will see "Insert" button.

  2. Then you ought to enter information about new manufacturer ("Manufacturers Name", select new "Manufacturers Image", "Manufacturers URL").

  3. Click "Save"

In order to select this new manufacturer for the product please:

  1. Open Catalog -> Categories / Products select catalog and product.

  2. In the field "Product Manufacturer" you may select the manufacturer.


  3. Click "Save".

In order to see list of products for the manufacturer you may open catalog on your store page and filter products by the manufacturer.

Feel free to check the detailed video tutorial below:

osCommerce. How to manage manufacturers