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PrestaShop 1.5.x. How to manage Camera slideshow module

This tutorial is going to show you how to manage a Camera slideshow module on your PrestaShop 1.5 template.

If your template comes with this module and you used the sample data .sql file for installation, you can see it on the preview page  with the sample data and images

If you did not use the sample data, this tutorial will also be helpful for you activate the module. Make sure you have uploaded the lofcamera  folder that comes with the template package into the prestashop\modules\ folder on your ftp server.

To make changes to the module,

  1. Log into your Prestashop admin panel.
  2. Go to the top menu Modules -> Modules.
  3. Scroll down, till you see the  one called Camera Slideshow.

    If you did not use the sample data, it will have an install button  next to it, which when clicked will be changed to Uninstall.

  4. When installed the module comes with these buttons: Disable, Reset, Configure, Delete. Click Configure.
  5. The  configure page consists of the following tabs: Global option, Images Option, Slide option. To save the changes you’ve made to the options, you need to click Update button above. Let’s take a closer look at these tabs.
    • Global option allows you to change the theme for your module, change its title, show/hide the title will be shown at the top of the slidershow), change its width.
    • Images Option  allows you to  add/delete your slideshow images and change the image descriptions and the url addresses they are pointed to.

      Under this tab you can also change the primary height and width of the (large) images and the thumbnails. Note, these changes take place only with a new image uploaded.  To add a new image, click the “Upload” button, navigate to the image on your computer and click Ok ("Ctrl + left click" on image to select multiple images). The image is selected, now click the Update button to upload it. Now, when you click the Images Option  tab again, you should see your new images under the options with a Delete button next to it and the fields to change the image description and its link.

      Note, if you still see the original images there, make sure to clear your Prestashop change.

    • Slide options mostly allows you to change the way your slideshow works: Slide Height, Skin, Auto play, Show thumbnails, Bar Direction, Effect, Only show button when hover, Show Pagination, Play/Pause button, Pause on hover, Slide delay and Effect duration.

      The best way to check how each of these options work is to play around with them.

Feel free to check the detailed video tutorial below:

PrestaShop. How to manage Camera slideshow modules