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Prestashop News and Updates

This page will show you the most recent Prestashop templates updates and Prestashop Community news.

Prestashop Templates News and Updates

PrestaShop 1.6 themes got released!

March 20 2014 | Category: Prestashop Updates

The long-awaited PrestaShop 1.6 has been released! It differs from its predecessor in a few important ways – richer functionality with lots of “perks” and an improved admin panel which will make developers and site administrators happy.

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Magento&PrestaShop responsive templates: how to implement updated files.

November 01 2012 | Category: Prestashop Updates

First of all, you need to download and unzipp (Windows/MAC) your template.

Please follow the steps below to implement updated files that you received with re-downloaded template.

Please upload only the mentioned files, there is no need to re-upload complete template package or any other files.

Magento (templates: #41217, #41218, #41219, #41220, #41221)

1. Open unzipped template package.

2. Open …

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October 11, 2012. Responsive Prestashop Themes

October 11 2012 | Category: Prestashop Updates

Just consider all the different ways people can access the internet: desktop computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, eReaders, and more. Add to that the plethora of web browsers and operating systems in use, and the fact you’re able to view websites at all starts to seem like a small miracle. To ease web-surfing experience responsive web design was invented it includes the theory of fluid design but uses media queries, scripts and technologies that can reformat web pages and mark-up effortlessly (or automatically).

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July 26, 2012. PrestaShop templates: using Themeinstallator module

August 01 2012 | Category: Prestashop Updates

Staring from the theme #440 you will be able to install any of our PrestaShop themes by using Themeinstallator PrestaShop’s built-in module.

So no more boring uploading themes via FTP or hosting cpanel, you will be able to install a theme in a few clicks.

Please look for updated template installation tutorials and updated documentation.…

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June 02, 2012. PrestaShop templates

June 02 2012 | Category: Prestashop Updates

Starting from the the template #39435 (theme384) our PrestaShop templates are compatible with PrestaShop

Prestashop is one of the fastest, slightest and most progressive open source eCommerce softwares. Hundreds of thousands of online shops throughout the world use Prestashop as a perfect sales tool. What’s more attractive is that it’s easy to use, customize and has a great number …

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PrestaShop. Updated Inner Pages and New Features.

April 23 2012 | Category: Prestashop Updates

(Español) Al partir de la plantilla #38476, plantillas PrestaShop tienen un nuevo formato de las páginas interiores.

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Apr 05, Prestashop templates

April 13 2012 | Category: Prestashop Updates

You can find the Prestashop compatible templates starting from template #38715…

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Jan 26, 2011 Prestashop templates

April 26 2011 | Category: Prestashop Updates

You can find the Prestashop copatible templates starting from template #32522…

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Jan 26, 2011 Prestashop templates

April 26 2011 | Category: Prestashop Updates

You can find Prestashop starting from template #32444…

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March 23, 2011 Prestashop

April 26 2011 | Category: Prestashop Updates

Templates starting from #33462 are compatible with Prestashop…

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Prestashop News and Updates

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