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PRO Templates

Template Description

Please welcome our new free sample of a PRO Website Template which will show you great template’s functionality and let you test your skills working with this innovative product. PRO Website Templates have such perfect characteristic feature as an integrated PRO framework. It allows website owners to create and modify websites without writing a line of code.

Practicing with a free sample of the PRO Website Template, you will see how easy it is to install and modify this type of templates. Right from the navigation panel you will be able to get all necessary design aspects for your new professional website. Please note that our Free PRO Website Template is created for educational purposes only. It means that you cannot use it for personal or commercial projects.

Template number: 38620

Sources Available


Software Requirements

To use this product you should have the following software installed on your computer.

  • Adobe Dreamweaver 8+;
  • Adobe Photoshop CS+;

Note: Please check the template preview page to see the specific template requirements. The required program versions could be different from the listed above.

Template Features:

  • PRO framework;
  • full HTML/CSS3;
  • Grid 960 system;
  • bunch of CSS3 effects;
  • pack of quality stock photos;
  • website layout options;
  • additional unique scripts;
  • multifunctional plugins;
  • interactive elements;
  • easy-to-edit typography styles;
  • well documented;
  • cross-browser compatible.

You don’t have to worry about complete website template design because it is all ready for you right here. All Extended Package template designs are up top to serve you and you can use them as a basis for fast website development!

With each purchase you get advanced editing options:



  • full-width;
  • two columns;
  • three columns;
  • four colums;
  • multi column 1;
  • multi column 2;


  • H1-H6 headings;
  • image aligned left & right;
  • dropcap;
  • table styling;
  • other elements styling;
  • button links;
  • styling lists;
  • box styles;

interactive elements:

Template Structure

You have received your template .ZIP package and unpacked it. Let’s see what you have inside.

  • documentation
  • JustSlider_v.X.X
  • css
  • images
  • js
  • index.html – open this file to view template Slider documentation
  • documentation_pro
  • ContactForm
  • bin
  • css
  • js
  • index.html – open this file to view template Contact From documentation
  • Gallery
  • css
  • images
  • js
  • index.html – open this file to view template Gallery documentation
  • JustSlider_v.X.X
  • css
  • images
  • js
  • index.html – open this file to view template Slider documentation
  • Video
  • css
  • flash
  • pro_overview_VX.X.html – open this file to check template video overview
  • pro_bacis_custom_vX.X.html – open this file to check basic customization video tutorial
  • pro_add_page_vX.X.html – open this file to check video tutorial on how to add a new page
  • screenshots – contains screenshots of the template. No editable files here
  • site – contains the .html, .js, .css files of regular template version
  • site_pro – contains the .html, .js, .css and video files of PRO template version
  • sources – contains source files
  • psd – contains Adobe Photoshop .PSD file(s)
  • info.txt – contains information about password protected “sources” folder
  • full_site_readme.pdf – contains information about the template and instructions on editing
  • fonts_info.txt – contains information about the fonts used in the template

Note: The new PRO Template Version will be available as an additional offer within several template prices on the product page of a particular template. Plus in the shopping cart customers will be allowed to add the PRO Version offer to their order paying extra sum of money. The cost for the PRO Pack will be just $15 allowing users to create and modify PRO websites with full confidence. Overall, the PRO Website Template price will be about $84 – this price includes a template price (regular – approximately $69) plus the cost of PRO Version of the website template ($15).

Note: For security reasons the sources folder is in a zipped file and is password protected. To uncompress a password protected .ZIP file you will need to have a zip file utility program installed and the correct password. As soon as the zip file begins to uncompress, you will be prompted to type in the password. The password is the ID number of your order. You can find this number on the order page which is provided to you through a link that we sent to you via email.

Please, help us to preserve the quality and uniqueness of our products by not uploading the sources folder either zipped or unzipped to the server.

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