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Quick SEO Traffic Building Tips to Improve Your Website

Building organic traffic that leaves feedback, share your content, and often returns to your site is every website owner’s ultimate dream. The blend of these activities intensifies your blog’s search engine visibility. Sadly, getting this aspect right isn’t as easy as it sounds. Even if someone ever tries to tell you that building organic traffic is unchallenging, don’t pay attention to them.

Building traffic is the most demanding effort you’ve ever put into your site. Scared? Don’t be! If you opt for proper SEO tactics, the demanding work will eventually pay off.

If you’re looking forward to increase organic traffic to your site and improve your blog’s performance, check out these ten quick and efficient SEO tactics.

SEO traffic building

Recognize Your Site’s Good/Bad Links

Backlinks have been the essential aspect of SEO for the last couple of years. Although rumors suggest it to be not very useful in today’s SEO framework, the fact is these links will continue to be the prime ranking factor for the coming years.

If you’re determined about increasing organic traffic to your website, you need to identify which particular backlinks are supporting you with SEO and the ones that are just a menace for your rankings. It’s not about the number of backlinks included into your site, it’s more about having useful and appropriate links that can contribute positively to the overall SEO structure of your site.

How to Figure out Which Backlinks are Good for Your Site?

  • Include contextual links on your site as they are more SEO-friendly and attracts more traffic
  • The included backlinks should come from a relevant source
  • Use links from a website having good DA
  • Incorporate links from long and informative articles as they will add more value to your site

SEO traffic building

Discard Bad Backlinks

Removing bad backlinks is a sure-fire way to improve your site ranking on Google. Not only such low-quality links reduces your website credibility, but it may also result in Google penalties.

Getting Rid of Substandard Backlinks

Follow these steps to clean up the bad links from your site.

  • Do a detailed analysis to identify the links you feel are of low quality
  • After assessing all the bad links, it’s time now to tag them. Invest in a quality bad link monitoring tool to do this job for you
  • The next step would be to send a request to webmasters through an email to remove these links from your site
  • This can be a time-consuming process, and you shouldn’t feel disheartened if you’ll do not discard all of them at once
  • With the links, you did not remove, develop a disavow report and forward it to the Google Disavow tool

Create the Best Content

You must have heard about the term that ‘content is the king of SEO.’ If you’re serious about boosting traffic to your site, the best thing you could do is to invest your time and energy in curating a better content. The only thing you need to consider is the ‘better content’ doesn’t necessarily mean ‘well-written’ content; it’s more about being strategic with your write-ups.

Now the question arises, ‘How to get strategic with your content’..’ Well, the answer is simple. ‘KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE AND THEN WRITE ACCORDINGLY.’

If you’re looking for some great ideas, don’t forget to check out ‘Quora’ to determine the frequently asked questions relating to your field. In addition to that, you can also review ‘Buzzsumo’ to check out other writers’ work, and then create something even better and engaging.

Lastly, pay close attention to content style. Make sure to add relevant images, info graphics, and up-to-the-minute statistics to attract your audience.

Don’t Annoy Google

Whatever you do, make sure to keep Google happy. Sadly, some SEO gurus keep on testing the temperament of Google by trying out different strategies and unprofessional ways of getting away with the things. Improving organic traffic to your website should always be carried out decently or else get ready to face hefty Google fines someday.

Tips to Avoid Google Penalties

  • Don’t establish low-quality links
  • Don’t ever acquire inbound links
  • Never publish plagiarized, cheap quality content
  • Work hard to create educational and informative content

As mentioned earlier, building organic traffic isn’t an easy job. It demands persistent research, ethical work handling, and patience to reach the desired results.

Do Keyword Research

Keywords research is undoubted one of the most crucial steps in an overall SEO process. It tells you about the specific wordings people are using to hunt on search engines. Before writing a blog, it’s essential that you conduct a keywords research (preferably with Google keyword tool) to rank your blog well on Google. However, don’t be haunted by the search volume, as in many cases long-tail keywords are more relevant and you can conveniently rank them on search engines.

Moreover, don’t forget to optimize your keywords, Metadata, image titles, ALT, and descriptions. Although keywords research and optimization is unavoidable, make sure to place your keywords organically throughout your content. It shouldn’t look stuffed and stilted.

Create Valuable Posts on Consistent Basis

Search engines and readers love frequently updated websites. Although you will find hundreds of researchers that indicate the best time and days to publish your content, my rule of thumb is to be consistent with your publishing, and that’s it.

One or two posts per week appear to be a promising idea. The more, the better! Latest news and updates on your site, trending topics, and sizzling blogs keep visitors coming back. Moreover, they will also be interested in sharing your content, linking to it and recommending your site to others.

Identify Emerging Trends In Google Analytics

Recognizing which websites are driving the most organic traffic will help you take appropriate and in time actions. Inspect platforms and sites your target audience stops by. Try to take part in discussions and drop post links when SUITABLE.

Remember, you should not like a spammer, but a beneficial contributor to the community whose sole aim is to share something of value and merit to the readers.

Optimize Your Site’s Speed Score

Okay, so this one’s the most crucial factor. Your visitors aren’t going to wait for endless hours for your page to load. They have hundreds of options in front of them, and if your blog isn’t cropping up fast enough, they will hit back button to explore the other listed options on the site.

For this, you need to keep a continuous check on your site’s speed score so that you can take prompt action in case of any delay or ineffectiveness.

Encourage Visitors to Link to Your Site

One of the ways to drive more organic traffic to your site is to earn natural backlinks. You can do this by having a widget at the end of your content and recommending your audience to link back to your website by clicking on it.

However, never force anybody to link back to your site. The purpose is to make it effortless for others to link back to your page, and of course not to impel them.

Use SEO Audit Tool to Monitor the Progress of Your Site

Tracking progress of your site can help you take a wise decision. You can use any effective SEO Audit Tool to analyze the performance of your SEO strategies or can also hire professional help to do this job for you.

A Final Thought

Follow these ten basic SEO strategies, and you’ll see organic traffic skyrocketing to your site in no time. Just ensure to establish open relationships with other site owners or bloggers in your niche. Linking to your own content is suitable for search engine optimization; however, it’s also important to link to the external sources as well.

What other SEO strategies do you implement to enhance the organic traffic to your site? Feel free to give your valuable suggestions in the comment section below. We would love to hear back!

SEO traffic building

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