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Template Features

In the process of development our templates have been customized and improved. New tools to improve functionality, convenience and appearance have been added. Among them there are the following: SEO URLs, Related products, Product tags, Nivo Slider, etc. You can check the details below.


This feature allows to add tags to the products and search products by these tags.

You can navigate to Catalog>Tags in order to add tags:

You will see the list of all products there.

Tags Products

To add or modify tags, select the required product and click "Edit" button.

Tags Products

In Tags field, add tags separated with commas and click "Save".

If you want to remove all tags from the product, you can click "Delete" button.

In your store tags will show up in the sidebar block:

Tags Products

In the block on product page:

Tags Products

If you click the tag, you will see the list of products that have it:

Tags Products

Nivo Slider

This feature allows to add frontend banners with captions.

You can navigate to Configuration > Nivo Slider to configure the slider:

You can add all the required slider effects and select the group of banners that will show up in your slider.


We will describe how to add banners in the section Creating Banners.

To display the slider on your frontend, you can navigate to Modules > Boxes > Nivo Slider and select one of two positions (Under Header Block/Home Content Block) for your slider and its sort order.

Banner Box & Content Banner Box

Banner Box & Content Banner Box are two similar modules that allow to display groups of modules in different positions dynamically.

To configure the modules, navigate to Modules > Boxes and find the required module. Click "Edit" button and set position and group of banners.


This feature was added to improve the search engines indexing and, as a result, to have a higher position of your website in search engine results.

You can navigate to Configuration > SEO Urls to add all the settings:

It is multilingual and works with products and categories.


Live Chat Olark

The template includes Live Chat Olark.

You can navigate to Configuration > My Store > Live Chat Olark to enable/disable it.

By default, it has sample data details. To get your data, you can register on Olark website and do all the required steps to get your code.

Then, open includes/template_bottom.php file and insert the received code between the lines begin olark code and end olark code and save the file.

Customers who purchased the template are provided with 6 months Olark chat usage for free. To register 6 months Free bronze package you should follow Olark registration link

Modules > Boxes

16 modules were added to the template to extend functionality of the website. They are located under Modules > Boxes.

To set the module, select the module and click "Edit" button:

You will see the screen where you can add all the block settings (Module Header Hopping Cart is used as an example).

For example:

  1. Enable or disable on the frontend.
  2. Module position (positions in other modules may differ from positions described in the example) Header Top/Header.
  3. Sort order in the position where the module will show up.
  4. Enable/disable the hopping cart (only for the described module, other modules will have other options).
  5. Pages where the module will show up.

Click "Save" button to save the settings.