Zen Cart Documentation

Zen Cart Add-ons:


Megamenu is a custom navigation component that uses the standard Navbar markup and contains additional links of your website such as Categories, Services, Quick links, Manufacturers, Info, Shipping & Returns. Also, you can use description text & carousel elements for Specials, custom banners for Categories, Images for Manufacturers, label text, resizable columns, etc. Menu is compatible with mobile devices and popular web browsers.

Megamenu includes stickUp menu plugin that makes your navigation stick to the top of your page when scrolling down the window.


This feature allows to add frontend banners with slideshow effect.

You can navigate to Configuration > ZC Slideshow to configure the slider:


Slider provides several functions that can be changed manually:

  • Slideshow Theme
    Allows you to select one of four themes of your slider;
  • Effect
    Sets the transition options between slides;
  • Slideshow Animation Speed
    Slideshow transition speed in milliseconds;
  • Slideshow Pause Time
    How long each slide will show in milliseconds;
  • Slideshow Navigation Arrows
    Show Prev/Next navigation arrows;
  • Slideshow Navigation Hide
    Show Prev/Next navigation arrows only on hover;
  • Slideshow Numbered Navigation
    Show numbered navigation;
  • Slideshow Pause on Hover
    Stop animation while hovering;
  • Slideshow Captions
    Caption opacity (set it to 0 to make it invisible).

You can add all the required slider effects and select the group of banners that will show up in your slider.

NOTE: After installing ZENCART_SLIDER.sql or ZENCART_MEGAMENU.sql you need to name the appropriate group in the Banner Manager. Navigate to Tools > Banner Manager > new banner > Banner group > and name the field "slider", otherwise your slider will not display. The same applies to the Megamenu, but with "category_banner" name.

Custom Block

With Custom block you can display additional content with images and text.

Custom block consists of three independent units which can be edited to meet your needs.

Social Media Icons Module

This module enables the display of social network icons on the product page as well as the option of sharing your product info in the social network sites (Goolge Plus, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest).

Module Setup: To set up Social Media Icons Module, import of ZENCART_SOCIAL.sql file is required. The SQL patch can be imported using the Zen Cart Admin panel > Tools > Insall SQL Patches option.

Configuration: To configure the module, please go to Configuration > Social Media Icons in Zen Cart admin. All icons are active by default.

Deactivate all icons - Social Media Buttons - set value to 0 Switch on/off certain icons: choose icon title - set value to 1 or 0 (1 = on, 0 = off).

Extra Product Images

The new Zen-cart feature allows you to display the additional product images on the product page and open them in the lightbox. To make the extra images display on the product page, please put them into the folder with the product images.

  1. Open Zen Cart admin panel
  2. Go to Catalog > On the product editing screen scroll down and find the image file name and open the product you want to modify.
  3. On the product editing screen scroll down and find the image file name.

Create new product images with the names that contain the default product image file name.

For example:
Default product image name: 01.png
Additional product image names: 01_1.png, 01-2.png, etc.
Default product image name: my_product.jpg
Additional product image names: my_product_1.png, my_product-2.png, etc.

Upload the additional images to the directory where the default image is located. Usually the product images are stored in the 'images' directory of your Zen Cart installation.

When the upload is complete, open the product page in the browser and refresh it. You should see additional images at the bottom of the page.

The number of additional images is unlimited.

How to create multiple product images