Zen Cart Documentation

How to manage modules

To manage Left/Right boxes, open Zen Cart admin panel > Tools > Layout Boxes Controller.

You will see the list of available modules. Select one, then in the right panel click 'Edit' button.

When you use both left and right columns, you can change the following properties:

  • Left/Right Column Status:
    ON=visible, OFF=hidden
  • Location:
    LEFT or RIGHT position of the sidebox
  • Left/Right Column Sort Order:
    sort order of sideboxes in the columns.

Note that Single Column settings do not currently affect the page display, and can generally be ignored.

If you do not need any side boxes on this site, please navigate to 'Configuration', then 'Layout Settings', and set the 'Column Left Status - Global', 'Column Right Status - Global' to '0'. This will turn off both left and right side boxes globally, even if any of them is set to 'on' under 'Layout Boxes Controller'.