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Shopify News and Updates

This page will show you the most recent Shopify templates updates and Shopify Ecommerce solution news.

Shopify Templates News and Updates

Shopify News and Updates

iEDM shopify masters

Building an online store lets you showcase and sell your products or services.

But building a platform lets you create a place for members of your niche to return to and connect with others who share their interests.

In this episode of Shopify Masters, you’ll learn from an entrepreneur who went beyond building a store and instead decided to create a platform to become the central hub for the Electronic Dance Music scene.

Anthony Ulanovsky is the founder of iEDM: the premier online EDM lifestyle superstore.


What can you do to convert customers on a sold-out product page?


Welcome to Ask Shopify, a series where ecommerce experts from the Shopify community answer real questions from entrepreneurs who are trying to launch, build, and scale their online stores. We’re here to help with every aspect of your business, from marketing to accounting to customer service and more.

It all started with the email we sent you before the holidays, asking “If you could ask a world-class ecommerce expert for advice on any area of your business, what would you ask and why?”

We got so many thoughtful, detailed, interesting questions back that Ask Shopify was born.

At Shopify, we’re lucky to have a deep bench of ecommerce experts we can talk to—everyone from our colleagues who run their own stores, to our expert Partners, to our customers and community members. Now, with Ask Shopify, you do too. Ask Shopify is about providing solutions for the real problems store owners want to solve, by connecting our readers with the experts who can answer their questions.

Without further ado, here’s the first question we’re answering in Ask Shopify: how can you convert customers, even if your product is sold out right now?


Intermediate SEO Guide

You know the basics, so what's the next step to improving your search engine rankings? 

This step-by-step guide will take you from beginner to intermediate in ~10 minutes. 

Dive deep into technical SEO audits, site architecture, building backlinks and more. 

P.S. Ask your burning SEO questions in the comments and you'll get a response from an expert.


youtube analytics

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world after Google. And if video is part of your marketing strategy, then you’ve probably already invested time, effort, and creativity into videos for your own YouTube channel.

But in order to make the most of YouTube as a platform to engage your customers, you should be mining YouTube Analytics for insights to improve the performance of your videos.

Here are 10 metrics worth tracking and how to analyze them to achieve long term success with your YouTube channel.


Telling your origin story is one way to set your business apart from your competitors.

But the stories happening around your business—about the people who help make your company a success—can also be used to engage new and existing customers alike. 

In this episode of Shopify Masters, you’ll learn from two entrepreneurs who market their store by not only talking about their products, but by sharing stories about their customers and vendors.

Kevin and Jen Long are the founders of Noble Carriage: organic and sustainably made baby clothes, toys, and gifts.



For most entrepreneurs, and indeed most people, the start of the new year is a time to recommit to achieving their biggest goals.

You have to be careful, however, to not let this rekindled ambition turn into a reason to become distracted. Humans have always struggled with the fact that our time, energy, and attention are not as readily available as our aspirations.

Prioritization is hard, and when your enthusiasm runneth over you can start to (mistakenly) believe every new idea you have for your store can be implemented, and worse, that every idea you have should be implemented because it might, maybe, possibly grow your business.

But there’s no need to worry. The siren call of “shiny new things” to potentially try in the new year doesn’t have to stop you from hitting your targets or making substantial progress on your business. The key is to direct your energy toward work that will produce lasting results—the hands-dirty, sleeves-rolled work everyone knows they should be doing.


Curb After-Christmas Returns | Shopify Retail blog

If there’s one word retailers hate, it’s “refund.” Not only do returns cut into your business’s bottom line, but they’re a hassle to process — they can take a significant chunk of time out of an employee’s day to determine if the product is even resellable.

According to an article in the NY Post, around $260 billion in retail products are returned each year, and 25% of that happens right after the Christmas holidays. It’s the dreaded “return season,” and it’s in full swing during the month of January.

But refunds don’t have to translate to doom and gloom for retailers. There are, in fact, ways to turn refunds into opportunities and even profits.

In this post, we’ll look at ways to help keep January returns from impacting monthly revenues and provide tips on how to strengthen your business’s approach to dealing with them.


alien outfitters shopify masters

Do-it-yourself entrepreneurs typically start small, making every item they sell with their own two hands. But when they start to see success, it generally snowballs into the same problem:

How do you scale DIY into a business?

In this episode of Shopify Masters, you’ll learn from an entrepreneur who went from selling homemade products to scaling her business by becoming a reseller.

Ana Dee is the owner of Alien Outfitters: a lifestyle brand that sells a variety of graphic tees, kinky accessories, rainbow knives, and rare specialty items for aliens who are no good at fitting in.


Shopify Masters is a place where store owners share stories from the real world of ecommerce and the ideas that worked for their particular business.

It’s not a place for one-size-fits-all theories.

With hundreds of hours of insight on the podcast recorded to date, you may have missed some of the best advice guests have offered this past year.

So here’s a look back at 10 of the best episodes from 2017 across a variety of topics, and why they’re worth a listen.


Delighting your customers.

In books, conferences, and publications everywhere, delight has historically been pitched as the cure-all tonic for your customer service woes. On top of that, delight is commonly and unfairly bucketed into two categories: 

  1. Grand gestures that eclipse a customer’s highest expectations.
  2. Common courtesies such as using your customer’s name, and maybe even being nice to them.

The latter is standard fare in the modern era of customer service, and the former is rarely a cost-effective strategy. In many cases, the best experience a customer can have is not having to contact you at all.

Just like in any real, human relationship you can’t expect to get by on basic good manners or Hail Mary attempts, yet many companies view delight through those exact lenses. We need to rethink our perspective.


product ideas

To succeed in ecommerce you need three things: the best products to sell, the skills to market them, and the drive to succeed.

I know you already have the winner’s mindset. You’re constantly learning, researching and preparing for success.

But 2018 is the year of action. This is the year you need to go all out: the year to test new products, create new ads, and market, market, market. It’s time to start implementing everything you’ve learned over the past twelve months.

To give you a great head start, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best products to sell in 2018 and what you can do to market those products.


How to take time off as an entrepreneur without losing sales or momentum.

Most people take time off from work, especially around the holidays. But what can you do when you're the only employee, or when stepping away from your business feels impossible?

Don't worry, you can take time off as a business owner—and beyond that, you should.

We know you love your business; you wouldn't be hustling so hard if you didn't. But occasionally stepping away from work is an important part of building a sustainable company. And with a bit of planning, your business will still be there when you get back (promise).



art of play shopify masters

Collaborating with artists can be a great way to produce unique design-centric products. But finding talent you can actually work with comes with challenges that you might not anticipate.

In this episode of Shopify Masters, you’ll learn from two sleight-of-hand magicians who collaborate with artists to create new playing card products every single month.

Twin brothers Dan and Dave Buck are the founders of Art Of Play: a curated collection of designer playing cards for magicians, cardists, gamers and collectors.


Shopify Pay

More than 1 in 4 U.S. shoppers with intent to buy have abandoned their cart in the past quarter because the checkout process was too long or too complicated.

That’s a lot of money being left on the table.

Earlier this year, we launched Shopify Pay to accelerate checkout for your customers, reducing cart abandonment and improving sales.

With Shopify Pay, customers can save their personal information and payment details to checkout in just 1 step on hundreds of thousands of stores powered by Shopify. Even on stores they’re visiting for the first time!

The result? During BFCM weekend alone, over 400,000 people spent over $30 million 3x faster using Shopify Pay.


Customer service during the holidays.

Warm up your support inbox because the holiday retail rush is underway. This year, Americans are expected to spend more money online than in stores for the first time ever. That means plenty of customers old and new who will be coming to you for help.

Big spikes in the demand for support can really test your systems and processes, but they’re also a tremendous opportunity to make a great first impression and create lifelong customers.

The good news is that investing even a little preparation time now will go a long way towards helping you maintain excellent customer service through the holiday period and into the New Year.


“Digital nomad” sounds like the quintessential dream job: travelling the world armed with little but a laptop and the essentials, making your own schedule in a foreign coffee shop or while sipping cocktails on a beach, hopping from destination to destination as you cross yet another country off your bucket list.

However, as is often the case, the reality has been romanticized.

“Digital nomad” isn’t a job title but a lifestyle choice—an option now available to many thanks to a trend that’s changing the way we balance our careers and our lives:

Remote work.


The great thing about ecommerce is that it’s easier than ever to grow your business beyond your borders—but once you’re selling in multiple countries, you need to know a bit more about how they do business, and what you need to do to comply with their laws.

There’s a new regulation coming to the European Union in 2018, called the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR for short).

We sat down with one of our internal experts, Vivek Narayanadas, Shopify’s Data Protection Officer, to chat about what it means for you, and what you should be thinking about ahead of time.


However you define “holiday”, you can’t ignore that there’s a certain buzz in the air. The season is upon us.

You may have survived the biggest shopping weekend of the year (and you killed it), but shoppers are still scrambling to buy last minute gifts, pushing the limits of your shipping deadlines.

If your customers are celebrating Ramadan or Hanukkah or just looking forward to popping the New Year’s cork, they’re in a buying spirit this month. You can make the most of the holiday shopping season by making a few tweaks to your store design, marketing, and collections, even if you don’t sell overtly festive products.

The Shopify App Store is full of handy integrations (some free) to help superpower your business at any time of year. We’ve curated a list of holiday-specific apps and tools, plus ideas and examples to implement today.


rgg edu shopify masters

It's no secret that Facebook videos are a great way to reach new audiences on one of the biggest social networks around.

But what does it take to create one that actually takes off, let alone drives traffic and sales to your products?

On this episode of Shopify Masters, you’ll learn from an entrepreneur who has mastered the art of creating Facebook video ads and trailers for his digital products.

Gary Martin of RGG Edu makes documentary-based tutorials from the best photographers and retouchers in the world.


Holiday shoppers are unique in that many of them will buy your products without knowing a thing about your brand. This means they might forget about your business entirely if you don’t make an effort to keep them interested.

To help store owners retain customers this holiday season, Shopify is hosting a free webinar geared towards helping you turn holiday shoppers into lifelong customers.

This webinar will be held on Friday, December 15, 2017 at 2:00pm Eastern Time.

Can't make it? Register anyway, you'll receive a replay shortly after the live broadcast ends.