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(English) Zen Cart News and Updates

Извините, данная страница доступна только на English.

ZenCart Templates News and Updates

Шаблоны Zen Cart 1.5.1

Октябрь 04 2012 | Category: ZenCart Updates
Zen Cart v1.5.1 -- Выпущен! Улучшение производительности, обновления элементов и др. Read More

9 мая 2012. Обновления и новые возможности Zen Cart.

Май 09 2012 | Category: ZenCart Updates
Новые возможности шаблонов для Zen Cart Read More

(English) ZenCart social icons dump

Октябрь 19 2011 | Category: ZenCart Updates

Извините, данная страница доступна только на Español и English.…

Read More

Jan 17, 2011. ZenCart new sample sub-pages

Апрель 26 2011 | Category: ZenCart Updates

ZenCart templates starting from template #32377 are provided with updated sample sub-pages…

Read More

ZenCart 1.3.9 templates available

Июнь 07 2010 | Category: ZenCart Updates

ZenCart templates starting from #29009 are compatible with ZenCart 1.3.9.

Many improvements and bugfixes are included in v1.3.9 , including the following:

  • PHP 5.3.x compatibility
  • PCI scan improvements to prevent commonly-reported false-positives
  • SSL-detection improvements
  • Session Handling improvements for shared-SSL configurations to deal with IE-specific quirks
  • Session-Handler improvements: closing when done, removed redundant start, etc
  • Search improvements
  • Hack-attempt detection improvements
  • Add
Read More

ZenCart News and Updates

MasterCard 2-series BIN patch

19 December 2017, 8:24 pm
We've heard reports of sites running into troubles handling the new MasterCard 2-series BIN numbers which started being rolled out in 2016. If your site accepts credit cards, you need to be able to support these new card numbers. Zen Cart started being compliant with this 2-series BIN in...