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SEO Checklist That Will Make Your New Website Launch A Success

So, you have finally decided to launch your business website. All the hard work that you put into the development of the site would be making you even more eager to showcase it on a global platform. However, before you jump into launching your website, there are quite a few SEO considerations that have to be taken into account by you.

Below I am going to showcase an SEO checklist that should be implemented by you before you make your website live.

So, let’s begin.

UX, Crawling, and Accessibility of the Website

All the web pages and content of your website should be readily accessible to the different search engines. You need to scan your pages to ensure that the crawlers will be able to index the site. Make use of Google Search Console for implementing this. All the content that has been published on the website should appear consistently on the different devices that users use for browsing.

The design of the website must be so that the users can navigate it comfortably. Also, the load speeds of the site must be fast enough so that a user can quickly go through it and get to the piece of information that he was looking for.

Implement Schema, Rich Snippets and Open Graphs

Once you are done with the on-page optimization, then you need to implement the broader elements of optimization; which include schema and rich snippets. The schema is considered vital for making a website rank semantically on Google. Also, the schema has a role to play in showcasing the rich snippets in the SERPs. You need to tag your website correctly along with including an image sitemap that will enable you to see the images in search results that you did not get for your domain.

A Keyword Should Be Assigned To Every URL on the Website

Keyword research is an essential aspect of building a website. You need to create a list of all those keywords that will generate more traffic on your site and keep your competitors at bay. All these keywords need to be mapped to the web pages and the URLs of your site.

Meta descriptions and page titles need to include all the relevant keywords that are mapped to the different web pages. Both these prove pivotal for the on-page optimization of a website and have a significant impact on the ranking of your site.

Setup Tracking and Other Important Services

There are quite a few essential services you need to set up on your website. Some of these services include web analytics, retargeting, uptime tracking, setting up brand alerts, etc. You will be able to find free tools from Google that will enable you to track your website. Regularly analyzing your site will allow you to identify the different competitive opportunities and become aware of the missteps that you need to avoid. This will allow you to negate the possibility of any wrong step that would prove to be detrimental to your website. Set up the social as well as web profiles of your site before launching it. This is necessary if you want to link it to them from the footer or the website for growing your following.

Link Acquisition is Crucial

Link acquisition is a part of the traffic growth plans of a website. To achieve a higher ranking, you will require quite a few social media references and digital relationships. Also, keep in mind the influencer outreach and PR coverage that will create a sense of buzz about the different products and services that you are offering. So whenever you launch your website focus upon the strategies that you are going to adopt for getting links from the different sources.

SEO Checklist

Keep a Close Watch On Your Competitor Link Profiles

In today’s time, when there is fierce competition among the different competitors it becomes quite vital to have a close eye on your competitors. You need to track the various sources from where your competitors are getting their links. This will enable you to know about the authoritative backlinks that your competitors are targeting. By doing this, you will be able to analyze their strategy and know exactly what they are doing to anchor links on their pages. This will enable you to get an insight of the sources that can be targeted by you for acquiring similar links.

Do Not Include Duplicate Content

Duplicate content has a negative impact on the SEO of your website. It will dilute the value of the content on the other URLs. There are quite a few tools out there that will help you in fixing the duplicate content that you would have published on your website. Google also penalizes a site which showcases duplicate content. Users want to read content which is new and adds value to them. They do not wish to spend time on a site which is just showcasing the same set of information that has been published earlier on some other website.

Optimize Your Website’s Speed

One of the crucial factors that have an impact on the UX of a website is its load speed. Search engines also rate those sites which provide a good user experience pretty high. A slow loading website not only disrupts the whole navigating experience but also increases its bounce rate. No user has the patience to stay on a site that takes time in loading. Instead, they start looking out for other better and faster options.

Website Should Be Mobile Responsive

A significant portion of the web traffic nowadays comes from the different mobile devices. A website which is not responsive according to the various screen sizes will have an impact on its usability. This is quite vital as far as local searches are concerned. With the advent of mobile applications, people are now preferring their smartphones rather than using the desktop version of a website. All the business owners are aware of the importance of having a mobile responsive design.

Take Assistance of an SEO Audit Tool

SEO templates audit is a time consuming and a complicated process. However, to perform this process, you can take the assistance of the different SEO auditing tools. These tools will speed up the whole process and identify the various errors and offer solutions to you. By this, you will be able to spend time on devising the entire strategy instead of wasting your time removing the broken links.

SEO audit by TemplateMonster Service Center

Do you need your website be visible to your target audience in search engines and you don’t know where to start? SEO audit is the first step to creating an online marketing strategy that really works. You will get the analysis and guidelines on how to implement the given recommendations on your website.

Summing Up

All the points which are highlighted in this post, are among the important ones and all these need to be checked off before you launch your website. If you get all these points covered, then you are making your site stand out from your competitors and gaining an edge over them.

Apart from the points that have been mentioned in this post, there might be a few other important ones that should have been a part of the SEO checklist. I would love to know them from you. Please leave your comments and recommendations about the article in the comments section below.

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