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Shopify. How to manage banners

This tutorial will show you how to to manage banners in Shopify.

  1. To start working with banners you should go to admin panel and open Themes section, choose your current theme and click ‘Customize theme’ button to open it.


  2. Now scroll down and search for Custom blocks section, which contains banner settings. Click Choose file button under Showcase position, search for your custom image on the computer and upload it replacing the deafult one.

  3. For the other banners replace images in the same way.


  4. After you’re done – click Publish changes button for the changes to take place and open the Home page, you will see custom images instead of the default ones.

  5. Banner text and links can be managed in the same way: paste your text in Text filed and links – in Link fileld and publish the changes to save them.

  6. Done! That’s all!

Feel free to check the detailed video tutorial below:

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