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Shopify. How to manage Mega Menu

New Shopify templates have a Mega Menu which allows to customize your menu and adjust it to your needs due to a bundle of useful functions.

This tutorial shows how to manage Mega Menu in Shopify.

Shopify. How to manage Mega Menu

  1. To edit the Mega Menu links, open the admin panel and navigate to (Online Store) > Themes > Customize theme:


  2. Select Megamenu:


  3. On the page that opens you will see all the options for links to be set:


    Each item stands for the link in the menu. If particular type of link is set, you will see its specification in brackets as:

    • Item 1 (custom link) means you can set any link reference for this item, either for the site page or an external page.
    • Item 2 (products catalog) presupposes that only the collection pages can be set for it.
    • Item 3 (blog) defines that a blog page can be selected as a link.
    • Item 4 (sale products) is for setting the link for the sale products collection.
  4. Enter the link title in the Item name field.

  5. Type the link location in the Item URL field.

    Please note that if a link leads to a page on your site, you need to start with a slash “/” and type the page reference itself without the domain name. You can check it in the URL & Handle field in the admin or when opening the page on the site. For example, if your page URL is domain.com/pages/about-us, you need to type only /pages/about-us in the Item URL field.

  6. To highlight the link, you can add the label in the Item badge field. It is optional.

  7. If you want the menu link show its “child” links, check the Show submenu field.

  8. To set the collections displayed in the Catalog submenu, select them from the dropdown for each Column:


  9. When you have set up your Megamenu links, Save changes:


Feel free to check the detailed video tutorial below:

Shopify. How to manage Mega Menu