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In this tutorial you will learn how to create Inner Page links in XML Flash templates (AS2). Read More

1. Open your .FLA file from ‘sources/flash’ folder in Adobe Flash program.

2. We should add a new symbol (Insert ->New Symbol or CTRL+F8)

3. Change the symbol type to ‘Movie Clip’ and give it a name.

4. Import your .FLV file to the library (File -> Import to library).

NOTE: you should place video file into the newly created …

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How to assign link to image

May 23 2011  |  Category: Working with Flash

First of all you should open source “FLA” file in Adobe Flash editor. To add links to the button symbols in your flash movie do the following. First of all you should locate button symbol you want links be assigned to. Open the library (CTRL+L) and locate pages movie clip. Usually called “pages_all”, “pages”, “pages2”, “content” or “all_content”.

Using the …

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Note, that you can use .swf files, .jpeg files, .png files and .gif

1. We will need 3 pictures with dimensions 180×180 pixels and 3 thumbnails for those pictures with dimensions 60×60 pixels. Give them names as image-1.jpg, image-2.jpg, image-3.jpg and thumb-1.jpg, thumb-2.jpg, thumb-3.jpg.

2. Now create a new Flash file. Go to the Properties panel or to Modify Document …

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