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In this tutorial you will learn the way to edit contact form e-mail and data. Read More
This tutorial shows how to make HTML contact form in your JS or Flash Animated template work on PHP 4 hosting server. Read More

1) In the .html file with the contact form locate the <form> tag. It may look something like this

<form id="form" class="contact-form">

you should add (or modify) attributes action=”contact.php” and method=”post”. The first one defines a file to be processed after the form has been submitted, and the second attribute – the data transport method. So the final result …

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Our Dynamic Flash Sites have a built-in contact form that allows you receive all contact messages at your e-mail address. Note, that your hosting must support PHP or ASP for the contact form to function.

To set up your contact form you have to find out if your webhosting is PHP or ASP based. In your configuration file “tfile_main.html” you …

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В этой инструкции вы узнаете, как создать контактную форму ASP в HTML Read More