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Shopify Template

October 06 2014  |  Category: Shopify


Free sample Shopify template

Template ID: 47700

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In this tutorial you will learn how to translate Categories and Products for your Magento store.

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Loaded Commerce Template

April 07 2014  |  Category: Loaded Commerce

Free Sample Loaded7 template

Template ID: 48798

Engine Version:

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eCommerce is the thing that is thriving and changing the web. I think you know a bunch of eCommerce platforms for several reasons: because you already have a store or you develop ‘em.

So, what happens when we combine these three things: Bootstrap + WooCommerce + WordPress? We’ll get a perfectly styled online store powered with your favorite CMS, awesome framework and eCommerce plugin that really works.

With a great support from WooCommerce and WordPress, you will enjoy simplicity of these templates. WordPress eCommerce themes are available to save your investments in a web designer and start a store all by yourself.

Woocommerce Sample template

Template ID: 46434

WooCommerce Engine: 2.0.14

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This tutorial is going to show you how to edit "Terms of Service", "Legal Information" and "Shop description" on your VirtueMart 2.x. based website.

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Jigoshop theme is a ready-made design for online stores being fully compatible with WordPress platform. It has a user-friendly interface and is created in accordance with the latest techniques and tendencies being able to provide you a responsive solution for your eCommerce store. Its high quality design and category variety can easily become your guarantee of rapid market entry.

Free Jigoshop Cherry Framework Theme

Template number: 46432

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Bootstrap Template

October 05 2012  |  Category: Responsive web templates, Web Templates

A Bootstrap Template is a pre-made design built with Bootstrap framework – a web design kit for creating cross-browser, consistent and visually effective designs. The features that will make our Bootstrap themes interesting for you are their native Bootstrap functionality and unique add-ons specifically created by TemplateHelp developers.

We’d like to remind you what Bootstrap is. Basically, it’s a framework for quick development of front-end web interfaces that has changed the way how web designs are being built. Not surprisingly, in the few months that Bootstrap had been available, it rose to become the most popular repository on GitHub of all-times.

Template number: 41035

Free Bootstrap 3.0 Template

Template number: 46543

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Facebook Reveal Templates

May 24 2012  |  Category: Facebook Reveal

Facebook Reveal Tab Templates are latest addition in the family of Facebook-related products.

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OpenCart template

May 22 2012  |  Category: OpenCart

OpenCart Free sample template

Template ID: 38182

Engine Version:

OpenCart Free sample template

Template ID: 39800

Engine Version:

Free Responsive Bootstrap OpenCart Template

Template ID: 45224

Engine Version:

Free Responsive Bootstrap OpenCart 1.5.6 Template

Template ID: 45558

Engine Version: 1.5.6

Free Responsive Bootstrap vQmod OpenCart 1.5.6 Template

Template ID: 47065

Engine Version: 1.5.6

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Responsive web template

April 25 2012  |  Category: Responsive web templates

Responsive website templates are well-suited for those developers who envision themselves having both fluid-width and adaptive website that caters for any possible screen resolution.

These gorgeous, modern templates are based on flexible designs that adjust to different types of screen resolutions. This means that every single responsive template available on our website will be adaptable to any device people use to enter the website that is based on this template. Technically we achieve this with the help of CSS3 media queries, so it’s all good for most of the browsers and devices you may use to access the website. You may even see how template layout switches by playing with the browser window width – adjust it while viewing any demo to see how the layout changes. However, to our readers who love old junk browsers – or should we politely call these browsers ‘vintage’ – we must say that the the dynamic screen size adjuster won’t work in the old versions of Internet Explorer. We assume that people browsing websites based on these templates will be browsing mobile web with Safari, Firefox, or Opera Mini and other mobile browsers which have no problems with CSS3.

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