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As you may have noticed some Facebook templates has the shopping cart functionality included. You have great opportunity to promote and sell your goods through Facebook.…

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E-Commerce comparison table

October 19 2011  |  Category: E-commerce Templates

Our support team performed a little investigation comparing the most popular E-commerce engines: Magento, osCommerce, ZenCart, VirtueMart, Prestashop and CreLoaded. Now we are proud to present the E-commerce comparison table where you can see the benefits and disadvantages of each E-commerce engine. We hope it will help you to make the right choice for your online business.…

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VirtueMart Template

January 24 2011  |  Category: E-commerce Templates, VirtueMart

Template ID: 51659

Engine Version: 2.0.22

Template ID: 53167

Engine Version: 3.0.x

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On the product info page only the information on one product is displayed. The header, right and left columns and the footer stay without changes. The following elements are displayed in the content part:

– The heading with the product name is identical to the product listing on the category page.
– The image of the product.
– The product …

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The templates file structure can be shown as:

1. The files of the infoboxes (the “/boxes” folder)
2. The content files (the “/content” folder)
3. The images used in the template (the “/images” folder)
4. The modules of the main page (the “/mainpage_modules” folder)
5. The Listing modules (the “/modules” folder):

The boxes.tpl.php file – the class file of the …

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On the shopping cart page the client’s cart input is given. The header, both right and left columns and the footer stay without changes.

The table of the shopping cart has the following columns:

Remove – with a checkbox
Product(s) – has a full size product image and to the right of it a bit of the attribute …

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You should have the CRE Loaded software installed on your server. CRE Loaded is an open source; OsCommerce based shopping system with CRM and affiliate management built in. Download it from this location if you don’t have it.

Note: Our templates are compatible with the CRE Loaded 6.2 Standard only.

When you have the CRE Loaded software installed, unpack …

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The infoboxes are the interface elements that combine one kind of information only. Any infobox has both the heading and the content. Below is the sample of such a heading and the part of the info box.

The Heading
The Content

The boxes.tpl.php file contains the classes for the information output. The kit of any kind of class gives out …

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