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In this tutorial you will learn the way to add new contact field to flash contact form. Read More
В этой инструкции вы узнаете, как создать контактную форму ASP в HTML Read More

Open form0XConfiguration (where X is number often 3 or 5) file with Notepad, there you will find instructions on how to set up the contact form.

You should edit 2 lines in this file.

<emailTo>[email protected]</emailTo> where input your email;

<serverProcessorType>php</serverProcessorType> where type your server configuration

(please contact your server and ask if they support asp or php):

Save the file …

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The settings are as follows (they go in the same order as in the fcContactFormConfiguration.xml):

 • An e-mail address which will be used to receive messages from your contact form. You can specify several e-mail addresses separating them with a comma. For example: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

 • A server script type which will process sending e-mails.  It depends on …

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