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Monstroid WordPress Theme

August 18 2015  |  Category: Monstroid

Template Description

Monstroid is a perfect solution for any WordPress website, whether it is a blog or a store. It is also quite universal, as both beginners and developers will be able to use it without any problems. Using the power of all those plugins included into the package one can do almost anything with the website powered by Monstroid …

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Shopify Template

October 06 2014  |  Category: Shopify

Free sample Shopify template

Template ID: 47700

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Bootstrap Template

October 05 2012  |  Category: Responsive web templates, Web Templates

A Bootstrap Template is a pre-made design built with Bootstrap framework - a web design kit for creating cross-browser, consistent and visually effective designs. The features that will make our Bootstrap themes interesting for you are their native Bootstrap functionality and unique add-ons specifically created by TemplateHelp developers.

We’d like to remind you what Bootstrap is. Basically, it’s a framework for quick development of front-end web interfaces that has changed the way how web designs are being built. Not surprisingly, in the few months that Bootstrap had been available, it rose to become the most popular repository on GitHub of all-times.

Free Bootstrap 3.0 Template

Template number: 46543

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Responsive Drupal templates

April 09 2012  |  Category: Drupal Updates
Responsive Drupal templates include several layout options - each is optimized for proper screen resolution. Read More

Type: Free Full JavaScript AJAX Template

Template ID: 44961

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Prestashop Template

January 21 2011  |  Category: PrestaShop

Free Responsive Bootstrap 3 PrestaShop Theme

Template ID: 51665

Engine Version: 1.5.x

Free PrestaShop 1.6 Template

Template ID: 51683

Engine Version: 1.6.x

Beauty Store Free PrestaShop Theme

Template ID: 53354

Engine Version:

Free Flower Shop Responsive PrestaShop Theme

Template ID: 60010

Engine Version:

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Drupal Template

November 15 2010  |  Category: Drupal

Drupal is a PHP-based open source content management system (CMS) which is also considered a module framework. It enables its users create and organize website content, edit the layout, automate some administrative functions etc. Despite of a diverse interface all of the functions can be carried out with no programming skills. Some of the experts see Drupal as a "web application framework" due to its wide range of services and functions. Drupal CMS is considered today one of the most advanced content management systems available on the Internet providing its users with a set of capabilities for the most sophisticated website maintenance needs and requirements.

Free Responsive Drupal 7.22 Template V.2

 Sample Drupal template preview

Template ID: 45958

Engine Version: Drupal 7.22

Free Museum Drupal Template

Free Museum Drupal Template

Template ID: 53129

Engine Version: Drupal 7.34

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WordPress template

November 15 2010  |  Category: WordPress
Free Cherry WordPress Theme

Cherry WordPress 4.1.x sample theme

Template ID: 53309

Free Cherry WordPress Theme

Free CherryFramework 4 WordPress Theme

Template ID: 54846

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Magento Template

November 15 2010  |  Category: Magento
Free Responsive Magento Theme

Template ID: 51669

Engine version: Magento 1.8.0.x

Free Magento 1.9 Template

Template ID: 53078

Engine version: Magento

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