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Unbounce Template

April 24 2015  |  Category: Website Templates

Landing pages are widely used in eCommerce and have only one goal – build interest among potential buyers and make them purchase the product you offer or contact you.

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Shopify Template

October 06 2014  |  Category: Shopify


Free sample Shopify template

Template ID: 51674

Jewelry Responsive Shopify Theme

Free sample Shopify template

Template ID: 53169

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Loaded Commerce Template

April 07 2014  |  Category: Loaded Commerce

Free Sample Loaded7 template

Template ID: 48798

Engine Version:

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Type: Free JavaScript-Animated Template

Template ID: 32921

Type: Free JS Animated Template (HTML5 JS Animated)

Template ID: 37337

Type: Free Full JavaScript Animated Template

Template ID: 36771

Type: Free Full JavaScript AJAX Template

Template ID: 44961

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PHP-Nuke Theme

November 15 2010  |  Category: Php-Nuke

 Sample  template preview

Template ID: 15389

A PHP-Nuke Template is actually a theme for your PHP-Nuke. A PHP-Nuke Template is a pre-designed powerful tool aimed at creating a fully interactive web-site. It includes web based admin, surveys, access stats page with a counter, themes manager for registered users, moderation system, sections manager, customizable HTML blocks, an integrated Banners Ads system, search engine, and many more functions…


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Flash template

November 15 2010  |  Category: Flash Site Templates

 Sample Flash template preview

Template ID: 17799

A Flash Site is wholly based on Flash technology, this opens up many new possibilities in your web design. Anyone who has ever seen elegant and unusual Flash Sites will understand that they are something more than just an addition to an HTML-based site. Flash will enliven your page with movement and special visual effects. A Flash website will impart your Company’s appearance with the dynamic energy and your visitor will reveal the uniqueness of your webpage.


Template ID: 17802

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Dynamic Flash Template

November 15 2010  |  Category: Dynamic Flash

Sample Dynamic Flash template preview

Template ID: 12005

Dynamic Flash Templates (Flash-based templates that consist of 4-6 pages) are designed for those who want a Flash Animated template and don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on purchasing the Adobe Flash software so as to make the basic changes. All you need to do is to change a company name, slogan, content text and original images. You can easily change the text and replace the images by editing external .HTML and .JPG files. The Dynamic Flash Template technology allows you to edit text and change pictures in your site eliminating the necessity of modifying and recompiling any .FLA source file. Though, the .FLA source files are included in the template package as well.


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OsCommerce Template

November 15 2010  |  Category: OsCommerce
Gift Store OsCommerce Free Theme

Template ID: 53355
Free osCommerce 2.3.4 Template

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Corporate Identity

November 15 2010  |  Category: Corporate Identity

Template ID: 17082

A Corporate Identity package includes logo, letterhead, and business card design templates. Every Corporate Identity package is supplied in three ways – in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Corel Draw format.

We offer you both the Unique and Non-Unique Corporate Identity templates. Unique Corporate Identity Templates are designs that have never been purchased before. If a Corporate Identity Template is purchased at the “Unique” price it is immediately removed from our database. If it is purchased at the Non-Unique price you may see how many times it has been downloaded (to a maximum of 5 non-unique downloads). We offer Unique Corporate Identity Templates at a very affordable price.


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Full Site Template

November 15 2010  |  Category: Full Site Templates

Full Site Template

Template ID: 17914

Full Site Template is an extended version of the standard Website Template. This type of template includes the full set of sub pages (6-9 pages, as a rule) that you may need for appropriate layouts and imagery. Don’t spend time multiplying pages in your HTML editor! – you have everything you need here!


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