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Shopify Template

October 06 2014  |  Category: Shopify


Free sample Shopify template

Template ID: 47700

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Loaded Commerce Template

April 07 2014  |  Category: Loaded Commerce

Free Sample Loaded7 template

Template ID: 48798

Engine Version:

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Type: Free JavaScript-Animated Template

Template ID: 32921

Type: Free JS Animated Template (HTML5 JS Animated)

Template ID: 37337

Type: Free Full JavaScript Animated Template

Template ID: 36771

Type: Free Full JavaScript AJAX Template

Template ID: 44961

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Mambo Template

November 15 2010  |  Category: Mambo Templates

 Sample Mambo Template template preview

The sample template is not offered for sale

Mambo CMS is an open source content management system (CMS) for running and managing websites through a simple interface – you need no coding skills. It is Mambo’s interface that has attracted so many fans and made Mambo so unbelievably popular. The Mambo CMS platform is very similar to Joomla! CMS (Joomla! is actually a variation from Mambo). Mambo is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL)Version 2. It is designed with the PHP programming language and uses the MySQL database.


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Dynamic SWiSH Template

November 15 2010  |  Category: Dynamic SWISH

 Sample Dynamic SWISH template preview

Template ID: 10901

Dynamic SWISH Templates are SWISH-based templates that consist of 4-6 pages. Dynamic SWISH Templates are created for those who want an animated version of the SWiSH Template and don’t want to use SWiSHMax software to make the basic changes. It’s a very good template for those who just need to change a company name, slogans, content text and original images. You can change the text and replace the images very easily by editing external .HTML and .JPG files. Dynamic SWISH Template technology allows you to edit text and change the pictures on your site by eliminating the need to modify and recompile any .SWI source file. SWiSH source files (.SWI) are also included in the template package.


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Joomla Template

November 15 2010  |  Category: Joomla

Joomla! CMS is a free, open source and one of the most popular content management systems (CMS) of nowadays for managing a websites’ content through a simple and functional interface – you need no coding skills.

Joomla template is a design for this CMS. No one wants to manage all of their content changes and additions from the source code. CMS saves your time, effort and a lot of money, which makes it a very good investment. And the Joomla! CMS platform is a great variant due to its convenience and functionality.


Joomla free sample template

Joomla Sample template

Template ID: 19914

Engine Version: 1.5.x

Responsive Joomla free sample template

Joomla Sample template

Template ID: 39093

Engine Version: 2.5.4

Free Joomla 2.5.6 Template

Joomla Sample template

Template ID: 40143

Engine Version: 2.5.6

Free Joomla 3.0.1 Template

Joomla Sample template

Template ID: 41423

Engine Version: 3.0.1

Free Joomla 3.1.5 Template

Joomla Sample template

Template ID: 46834

Engine Version: 3.1.5

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CSS Full Site Template

November 15 2010  |  Category: CSS Templates

CSS Sample template

Template ID: 17926

A CSS Web Template is a website design created with the help of a Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) technology. Cascading style sheets provide web developers with an easy way to format and style the web pages. CSS will be used even more now because it is fully compatible with almost all the browsers. CSS templates do not contain table layouts; CSS technology allows you to organize pages with far more control than tables ever did. CSS brings us much closer to offer a pixel-accurate Web page layout.

It also admits separation of style from the content. When using CSS You can separate the elements that define how the page is styled from those that define the content. By marking-up the content in terms of a page structure (the heading, the navigation, and the footer elements) we can afterwards use a style sheet to define how those elements are styled and where on the page they are placed.


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XML Flash

Template ID: 16461

XML Flash Site templates are equipped with the system that will simplify your work with the Flash website by giving you the opportunity to edit it without having to use the special Flash software for that (you only work with the XML file). Besides it grants you a set of additional convenient features like switching the menu items which will automatically be followed by the proper page switches.


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Full Package Template

November 15 2010  |  Category: Full Package Templates

Full Package

Template ID: 17581

Full Package is in fact more than just a web design; it’s a complete corporate identity package. A collection of sub-pages (8-12 pages, as a rule), search results page, additional pop-up designs and banners, in all, everything to put you in control of a spectacular website. This package even contains a sample of styled business cards for the planned ahead Company image and the Company spirit. So, do not miss your chance to make the all-inclusive attainment!


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PHP-Nuke Theme

November 15 2010  |  Category: Php-Nuke

 Sample  template preview

Template ID: 15389

A PHP-Nuke Template is actually a theme for your PHP-Nuke. A PHP-Nuke Template is a pre-designed powerful tool aimed at creating a fully interactive web-site. It includes web based admin, surveys, access stats page with a counter, themes manager for registered users, moderation system, sections manager, customizable HTML blocks, an integrated Banners Ads system, search engine, and many more functions…


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