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Although the credit card was accepted by the merchant system we keep the right for our own anti-fraud verification. It is clearly stated in our Terms and Conditions.
In all cases of fraudulent activity online it is always the vendor who suffers the loss.

Therefore, we kindly asked you to undergo our verification procedure. It helps us to prevent the …

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Unfortunately, we cannot process an order without verification. Our company has a firm policy on this.

Without a telephone we cannot call the customer to confirm the order, so in this case the customer is obliged to provide us with documents to prove the order’s authenticity. A passport or driver’s license copy can be faxed, or a scan or digital …

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Although the overwhelming majority of our customers are genuinely honest, there are cases of unauthorized credit card usage. Therefore, all of our orders are subject to a manual anti-fraud check. This verification procedure is aimed at enabling secure shopping for all of our customers. The usual order confirmation procedure will last no more than 15 minutes and does involve phone …

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