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Top Five WordPress Contact Form Plugins

As a business owner with an online presence, a lot matters to you. You’re on the lookout for the best way to increase your company’s ROI.

Not only that; you want to get leads for your company every time it’s mentioned online. Likewise, you want to get inquiries and feedback from your existing and potential customers.

While there are a lot of ways to go about these, a contact form is a tool that makes this process easy.

With a contact form, you:

  • Get feedback from clients without giving out your email address
  • Get inquiries from potential customers about your products and services
  • Know your customers’ needs
  • And so much more.

WordPress contact form software plugins make the process of creating contact forms seamless and effortless. With it, you can get your contact form setup within seconds with a click of a button.

In this post, I’ll share with you the top five WordPress contact form plugins that you can use to drive amazing results for your company. These WordPress plugins have been widely used by members of the WordPress community, and have garnered great feedback from its users.

They are also listed in no particular order.

Ninja Forms

[appbox wordpress ninja-forms]

This is the ultimate free-form creation tool for WordPress. It’s great for beginners with no prior coding knowledge. For developers, the Ninja forms framework can be used for filters, built-in hooks, and custom field template.

With it, you can manage, edit and export form user submissions. Similarly, you can export and import forms and favorite fields. Although the basic free-form doesn’t include a conditional logic, this feature is available for pro users.

WordPress Contact Form Plugins

Key features:

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Unlimited number of forms, fields, emails, and actions to be used
  • Compatible with a lot of extensions and add-ons such as PayPal express, stripe, etc.
  • Full mobile responsiveness
  • Instant update available

Price: FREE

WordPress Contact Form Plugins

Gravity Forms

[appbox wordpress gravity-forms-addons]

This plugin makes it easy to build complex and powerful forms quickly and simply. With it, you can create advanced forms for your WordPress-powered website, and easily save all your submission data in your database for easy access.

Likewise, you can create multipage forms, limit the number of entries for the competition, and also specify the period you want the form to be scheduled.

Gravity forms

Key features:

  • Built-in conditional logic
  • Directory features pagination
  • Highly customizable
  • Integration with third-party services including Aweber, Paypal, Stripe, Freshbooks, etc.
  • Easy to configure email notifications

Price: $59


This WordPress form plugin makes it easy for businesses to capture and nurture more leads through interactive forms and workflow management. With it, you can monitor where customers come from, track them, and send auto reply brochures.

It also has a fantastic feature of allowing you to fetch your forms directly from your Framestr account. In the same vein, shortcodes can be added wherever you’d like to insert the forms.


Key features:

  • Simple drag and drop user interface
  • 100s of pre-made templates including contact forms, customer satisfaction survey, emergency contact forms
  • Advanced features including conditional logic, file upload, and email validation (Powered by Mailgun)
  • Sleek and highly responsive
  • Integration with third-party services such as Slack, MailChimp, Google Analytics, Zendesk, and so on

Price: Starting from $9/ month


[appbox wordpress formstack]

This WordPress form plugin enables you to embed contact forms, lead generation forms, payment forms and so on, on your WordPress blogs and websites easily and quickly. Its drag and drop interface makes it easy to build customised online forms within seconds.

With it, you can test two forms against one another to see which one is better. Similarly, you can import and export data in various formats such as CSV, Word and PDF format.


Key features:

  • Wide-range of solutions for different roles and industries
  • Integration with over forty apps, APIs, and web hooks
  • 100s of ready-to-use templates
  • Easily customizable
  • Conditional logic

While Formstack is one of the more expensive form plugins on the market, it’s intelligent workflow automation tools and capable A/B testing makes it one of the most robust on the market.

Price: $39/ month

Jetpack contact form module

This is one of the exciting features of Jetpack. Although it has limited options, it’s great for small businesses with simple needs. One advantage it has over other contact form plugins is the fact that it offers a familiar interface for creating the form since it’s integrated with Jetpack for WordPress

Key features:

  • Ability to add contact form to any post or page
  • Easy-to-customize notification emails
  • Redirect readers to a specific page after submission
  • Ability to check each form submission for spam using Akismet plugin
  • Customizable submit button

Price: FREE

wordpress themes


Contact forms are great lead generation tools for businesses. With it, you can converse with your website’s visitors easily, and convert them too. Due to this, many companies are now investing hugely in it. According to Jordan Whelan, the CEO of a Toronto based SEO Company: “Contact forms work better for lead generation compared to email or other techniques because they are easy to use, convert, and can generate more revenue for companies.”

Contact forms also provide easy plug-n-play features that typically need to be custom coded with simple HTML forms. For example, building out conditional logic, redirecting a user after they complete a form or integrate with popular tools including Mailchimp or Salesforce.

There are a plethora of plugins out there, but before you invest in your next contact form plugin, this list comes in handy.

In this post, I’ve taken you through the top five form plugins for WordPress based on their popularity, features, updates, and feedback from WordPress users who have tried them out. I’m sure you’ve now been equipped with the best choices for the growth of your business. So download one today, to start creating superb forms for your website!

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