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Unique SEO Strategies for The Holiday Season – Give Your Sales a Merry Boost!

Digital strategy during the Christmas season is something most business owners figure out well before the Holiday season starts, and reputed e-commerce giants hold specific campaigns to increase profits during the festive periods.

However, most business owners mainly put their attention on direct sale channel like PPC or Display marketing. Organic traffic generation gets ignored; business owners do not realize the significance of keywords based on specific holidays and how profits can be increased by creating an organic strategy.

You, as a business owner, must also capitalize on the upcoming Christmas season and SEO your website to run smoothly for the festive season. Seasonal SEO is an integral part of online business today, and many business owners wait until the last moment to SEO their websites, but this results in loss of profits as all the other sites have already been optimized to a high degree.

Hence it is important to always think ahead for the Christmas period.

In this post, you will learn about some critical strategies which you should apply to SEO your website for the Christmas holiday season.

  1. Create landing pages specifically for Christmas templates
    Landing pages can be static pages which you should create for your site based on the terms you do and with keywords which trend during Christmas. You need to research on the keywords which are likely to trend from the internet and past experiences and use them accordingly in your page. Also, design the page keeping in mind the festive season that it is supposed to reflect. Put Christmas themed designs and photos. After these pages have been created, you can promote them via social media. These pages will serve as your landing pages for your email marketing campaigns to enhance in conversion for the key phrases.
  2. Make “top gifts for Christmas” lists on your blog
    Not only are such blog posts fun to read but they are also exciting to produce. If you can get to optimize the keywords for these pages, you will find that these posts will drive much traffic towards your website, and in most likely cases, the traffic you will be getting will be targeted. Besides adding value, top lists blog posts also give you a standard format to be used in various categories for gifts or other lists of your website. You can go further and make these blog posts as proper guides to buying the right gifts or even make them downloadable. It will allow your buyer to use them as references when they do their own Christmas shopping.
  3. Promote your posts via social media or email
    It is imperative that you make the best use of social media and email marketing for the Christmas shopping period. Social media will help your posts to reach out to a lot more people than what you could have ever done via print marketing. You need to promote your pages and your blog posts so that your primary target audience knows about the new contents which you have stored in for Christmas. Also, do not forget to consider your email lists; you must email your old and loyal customers to let them know about Christmas exclusive deals and new contents. You can use a dedicated email campaign for this purpose.
    Social platforms like Instagram can be used a lot because it will allow you to post photos of your new products. Make sure to upload the best pictures of your products and provide accurate information about them. Facebook will be helpful in getting the posts viral. However, you must pay attention to the fact that customers must not feel cheated or duped, so whatever information you provide has to be accurate.You can visit Plutus Mark SEO to get the best SEO services to help you prepare your website for the Christmas shopping season.

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Holiday Season


Christmas is an essential time of the year for business ventures. It is the primary festive season of the year with the holidays around, a time for families and friends to gather around and spend time together. Hence, it is the perfect season for shopping and gift giving, and eСommerce retailers or even other business owners have the ideal opportunity to maximize profits during this time.

However, to get ahead of the stiff competition in the online market of today on the internet, it is necessary that business owners have their business websites appropriately and adequately search engine optimized to stay ahead of the competition.

Hopefully, using the tips mentioned in this article, you will be able to SEO your website correctly for Christmas and maximize your profits.

Holiday Season

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