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VirtueMart. How to install VirtueMart and template on localhost

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This tutorial shows how to how to install VirtueMart component and template on local server.

1. As you are reading this manual we assume that you’ve already extracted files from the downloaded template package. However you may have issues with extracting files from the password protected “sources_###.zip” archive. Feel free to check the detailed video tutorials on how top extract files from the template package on MAC and PC. It should look like on the screenshot below.

2. Go to Joomla folder inside template package and copy fullpackage.zip file. Paste it to folder or root folder of your localhost server. In our case it is: D:\wamp\www\ryan\virtuemart folder.

3. Unzip fullpackage.zip file using unzipping software on your computer. Please note that your unzipping software can be different. Extract files to the same folder.

4. Open link to your files in browser. Usually it looks like http://localhost/ . In our case link will be http://localhost/ryan/virtuemart. Installation dialog will appear. Click Next.

5. Pre-installation dialog will appear. Click Next.

6. Now we need to specify database access details. Let’s create database.

6.1. Open your Database management tool. Usually it is called phpmyadmin. Usually database can be accessed using the following link:
http://localhost/phpmyadmin/ (please note that in your localhost software link can be different). Click on Databases tab.

6.2. Create the database.

6.4. Specify database access details. In Username field you should specify database user. It was set during localhost software installation. In our case password is blank as user does not have password.

7. Skip FTP configuration step and click Next.

8. Now we need to Input site name, Specify account details.

9. It is important to install Sample data, in this case template will look and work exactly like live demo. Click on Install sample data button. When sample data will be installed please proceed to the next step.

10. Remove installation folder.

11. Check your home page. template is installed and looks like live demo.

12. Let’s check the admin section. Access admin section by adding /administrator after the link. In our case it is http://localhost/ryan/virtuemart/administrator/. Go to Components-Virtuemart. Virtuemart Component is installed. You can manage products.

In this tutorial we have found out how to install VirtueMart component and template on local server.

Feel free to check the detailed video tutorial below:

VirtueMart. How to install VirtueMart and template on localhost