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This section deals with editing Dynamic Flash Photo Gallery templates. Please use the navigation buttons below or main navigation menu to browse the topics.

We are glad to introduce updated and improved version of the Dynamic Flash Photo Galleries.The initial version of our Dynamic Flash Photo Galleries has become very popular among our customers and we received quite a lot of suggestions regarding further improvement of the product. As a result we decided to upgrade our Dynamic Flash Photo Galleries considering most of …

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For getting access to the admin panel password and username are required.

1. where login details are stored

Password and username are stored in /admin/userdata.php file on your server in a certain strictly specified format. Username and password should be divided with period –  “,”  and password is stored in the encrypted (md5) form. In order to generate a new …

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.htaccess can be used to protect folders on your account with a password-encryption. All files and subfolders within a folder protected by .htaccess will also be protected. Thus if you want to protect the whole website you should place .htaccess to public_html or httpdocs folder which is the public folder where your website files and folders are kept. But, if …

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If you want to use the images more than 2Mb, then please, do the following:

You can do this by yourself if you’re working on the local machine or if you have an access to php.ini file on your server (you may also use .htaccess file with the same instructions in case your hosting allows to change this).
So, please, …

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Building of the gallery page is based on the basic small picture size. Setting a big picture suitable height is carried out automatically. Width and height of a big picture are set only to make similarity of the gallery with design more precise. If you want to change gallery’s appearance, simply change the parameter preview position as you like it …

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Gallery layout settings should be set in tfile_gallery.xml file.

All settings of the given file can be edited through the convenient /admin part but if the user won’t want to use it, the description of the given settings is quoted below.

Example: There are two galleries, 8 pictures in each; this should be described in XML file as follows: …

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Service gallery settings you should set in tfile_gallery.xml file.

It is recommended to change the default settings only while changing settings through the /admin part (sizes of small or large images). There is some incorrect representation of photos on the page (the photos themselves do not fit in properly). This happens seldom enough that’s why you won’t need to change …

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All necessary settings can be adjusted with the help of tfile_gallery.xml

For example:

     <section name=”settings”>
    <option name=”previewPosition”>left</option>
    <option name=”previewOffset”>7</option>
    <option name=”imageWidth”>134</option>
    <option name=”imageHeight”>94</option>
    <option name=”hSpace”>10</option>
    <option name=”vSpace”>5</option>
    <option name=”colls”>1</option>
    <option name=”rows”>1</option>
    <option name=”listingOffset”>15</option>
    <option name=”openInBrowser”>false</option>
    <option name=”commentPosition”>stretched</option>
  <!– Do not edit anything below …
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If you’re working on a Macintosh and editing your XML files with Adobe Dreamweaver, sometimes you need to adjust the coding preferences. Since Dreamweaver sets the line break type for UNIX and once you save the XML file with these preferences, it may become unrecognizable.
So, in order to display all the text correctly you should go to Preferences –>
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In order to use new fonts in your Dynamic Flash Photo Galleries you should perform the following steps:

1.    Download Adobe Extension Manager
2.    Install it on your machine
3.    Download Adobe Extension Package File – FontLibraryCreator.mxp (you should unpack a .zip file)
4.    Install the extension
5.    Open Adobe Flash CS3 and create a new Flash File (ActionScript 2.0) …

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A special component called FontManager is used for managing fonts. With its help fonts are loaded from .swf files which, by default, are located in the “fonts” folder. All the fonts to be loaded are described in fontsLibrary.xml file, it can be found in the same “fonts” folder .

The current font can be changed by replacing .swf files of …

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How to use special characters in category names…

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