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WordPress. How to manage Cherry Single Carousel plugin (based on Cherry 3.x.)

This tutorial will show you how to work with Cherry Single Carousel plugin in WordPress templates (based on Cherry Framework). This plugin allows to add a carousel with parallax effect applied (offset relative to the rest of the content on page scroll) to the page content.

WordPress. How to manage Cherry Single Carousel plugin

Plugin installation

Firstly, you need to prepare your site for working with single carousel plugin.

You should skip this step in case your template has pre-installed Cherry Single Carousel plugin.

  1. You can download this plugin using the following link. Download and save the file on your computer.

  2. Install the downloaded plugin in your WordPress admin panel, under Plugins -> Add New -> Upload Plugin menu.

  3. Make sure the plugin is activated on Plugins -> Installed Plugins page at site backend.

Plugin shortcode

To add a carousel via Cherry Single Carousel plugin, you should open any site page or post and insert the following shortcode:

[cherry_single_carousel title="Title" type="portfolio" posts_count="-1" 
movement="15" parallax="true" buffer_ratio="1.5" pagination="true" 
controls="true" autoplay="false" autoplay_delay="3000" 
stop_on_mouse_over="false" fullwidth="true" excerpt_count="35"]

This shortcode includes the following parameters:

  • title – title for your carousel;

  • type – type of posts the carousel will load content from;

  • posts_count – number of posts to display ("-1" value – all the posts are displayed, "positive integer numeric value" – entered number of slides are displayed);

  • movement – offset of images on slide transition set in %;

  • parallax – enables parallax effect (true / false);

  • buffer_ratio – set parallax coefficient, if parallax effect is enabled (takes value from 1 to 10);

  • pagination – pagination display (true / false);

  • controls – display pagination buttons (true / false);

  • autoplay – automatic slides change (true / false);

  • autoplay_delay – delay on slider autoplay in milliseconds, can be applied if autoplay="true";

  • stop_on_mouse_over – stop slider autoplay on hover, can be applied if autoplay="true";

  • fullwidth – defines if carousel should be displayed on the entire width of the browser window (true / false);

  • excerpt_count – number of words deduced from post text;

  • custom_class – you may specify a custom CSS class to expand style customization options for the shortcode.

Please set the desired values for all shortcode options mentioned above and save the changes in page/post. Your carousel will look the similar way:


Thank you for reading this tutorial. Feel free to check the detailed video tutorial below:

WordPress. How to manage Cherry Single Carousel plugin