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XML Flash. How to add new page and menu item (AS 3.0)

This tutorial will show you how to add New content page and New menu item, in Flash XML templates using AS3 (actions script 3.0)

1) Locate the menu movie clip and add new menu item:
You can use Timeline and the Scene to locate the correct movie clip
Here is the "menu page" movie clip on which you can see all the menu items:

2) Add new layer for a new menu item. You can do so, by copying the whole layer of an existing item. Then create new layer and paste the copied layer.
After that is done, look at the Scene and drag the newly created menu item so that it doesn’t cover the existing menu.
Click on the new menu item and change the Item number. From “itemButton_4” to “itemButton5” here:

You should now duplicate the Action Script (ao) symbol on the timeline. Then open the action scrip panel and change Item Number 4 to Item Number 5:

After that is done, you should add new Text Box for the new Menu Item.
Go all the way inside till you get to the Text layer by double clicking on the object:

You should add one more frame. Press F5 key to do so.

3) Add a content page.
Locate "All Content" movie clip. It may also be named as "pages", "pages_all" "pages2"
Depends on which page you wish to duplicate, copy all the layers and paste them on the next frame
In this example, we have duplicated a Contact page:

You are done with Flash!

4) Adding Menu and Page in XML file.
You should now add menu item and Page in .XML file (often called as tfile_main.xml or “main.xml”)
Simply duplicate Menu code:

Then simply duplicate the Page code.

NOTE:  you should duplicate the same page as the one you have duplicated in Flash. In this example it is Contact page:

Save this file once you are done and navigate to the .fla file. Then press CTRL+ENTER to publish it and see the preview. You may  also use File -> Publish Preview -> Flash



Feel free to check the detailed video tutorial below:
XML Flash. How to add new page and menu item (AS 3.0)