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XML Flash. How to change the masked logo

This tutorial shows how to change the masked logo size in flash. For example you have a logo "Company" and want to change it to "My New Fancy Company Logo". Changing text is not a problem. But changing the logo animation mask can be an issue. Let’s see how to complete this task.

1) First you need is to locate company name text symbol, usually it is located in layer "logo"

2) Open it until you can see the text you need to extend mask.

3) If you see the masked layer near your title – you are in the correct symbol.

Carefully select and doubleclick the mask layer – the one at the top of the masked group (marked with different color)

4) When you doubleclick it you are able to select it and edit. Use "free transfort tool" to edit the size.

All you need is to make the mask cover all the text you need.

5) Test it and the text should be displayed properly.


Feel free to check the detailed video tutorial below:

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