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ZenCart. How to change translations

Most of the text values in Zen Cart are stored in a corresponding language files. For the default English language that file is \includes\languages\english.php

For example we want to translate 2 titles: one for the Currencies box and the other Shopping Cart module.

Open the file \includes\languages\english.php with any text or HTML editor. To locate a text among the code variety you can use Search (hotkey CTRL+F)

The search for "Now in your cart" text gives no result. So, probably that text is in another file. As the module is part of the template header area, most probably it’s in \includes\templates\theme###\common\tpl_header.php file. The result will output two instances of the same text, so you need to change them both.


Feel free to check the detailed video tutorial below:

ZenCart. How to change translations