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ZenCart. How to manage categories

This tutorial will show you how to manage categories in ZenCart.

ZenCart. How to manage categories

To add a new category

  1. Navigate to Catalog->Categories/Products.

  2. Click the New Category button and then fill in the details. Click Save when you are done:


To add a subcategory

  1. Click on the folder icon in front of the category name:


  2. On the new page repeat the process for adding a category:


To delete a category

  1. Click the X icon in the Action column:


Warning: deleting a category will remove all subcategories and products! You can either confirm removal or cancel the action on the next page!

To list any product under a category

  1. Move the product item under the desired category. To do that, click the purple ‘m’ icon at the end of the row:


  2. You will be prompted to select the category for a drop-down menu. Then click the Move button:


This is the end of the tutorial. Now you know how to manage categories in ZenCart.

Feel free to check the detailed video tutorial below:

ZenCart. How to manage categories