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ZenCart. How to manage customers

This tutorial will show you how to manage customers in ZenCart.

ZenCart. How to manage customers

  1. Log into your admin panel of ZenCart.
  2. Navigate to Customers > Customers. You will see the list of customers registered on your site. You can’t add new customers, but you can edit information for existing ones, delete them or send e-mails through ZenCart admin panel.


  3. Let’s edit that customer now. Click Edit button


  4. You can edit any information, after you change it click Update button.


  5. To remove a customer, you should choose one of them, and click Delete button.


  6. You can also e-mail a customer using Email button. Fill in required fields (Subject:, Text-Only Message). Click Preview button, then click Send mail button.

Feel free to check the detailed video tutorial below:

ZenCart. How to manage customers