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How to activate contact form in Silverlight template

If you face difficulties with activating contact form in Silverlight template this tutorial is a wonderful guide that will demonstrate you the process in detail. Step by step instructions and video tutorial will make the process fast and easy.

1. Open the Expression Blend software. Go to File->Open project/solution.

2. Open the ‘TMTemplate.sln‘ file from ‘\ sources \ TMTemplate‘ folder.

3. In the Projects tab, open the folder Pages and find a page with contact form

4. Select ‘Contacts.xaml‘ file and click on the ‘contact form’ box itself on the Scene.

5. Next, select the block contact form. In the ‘Properties‘ tab and look for unit ‘Common Properties‘.

6. Contact form address we can find in the ‘mailTo‘ field .

To use SMTP: enter the SMTP server address in the smtp unit.

7. Publish your project. Project -> Run Project.


Feel free to check the detailed video tutorial below:

How to activate contact form in Silverlight template