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Magento. Store settings overview

This tutorial guides through common configuration settings of Magento store.

1. Open admin section and go to System->Configuration.

2. Please select appropriate configuration in Current Configuration Scope section. Each configuration may have different settings. We have selected Main Website scope.

3. Open Configuration-General section.

3.1. In General section you can find Countries Options where you can select default country and specify list of countries that can make orders on your shop.

3.2. In Locale Options you can set Time zone, shop locale and days of week settings.

4. Open Web section. In Web section you can specify Secure and unsecure URLs along with other specific magento and hosting settings. Do not modify them unless you know what particular setting means.

5. In Contacts section you can select E-mail options for your store.

6. Please open Content Management section. It allows you to set configuration for WYSIWYG editor. We recommend you to set it Disabled by Default of Disable it completely. Most WYSIWYG editors improperly interpret html code and add their own code. It is essential to use the default code without any additional tags in order to get the proper layout of custom modules. That is why it is highly recommended to edit custom modules without WYSIWYG editors.

7. Please go to Catalog->Inventory section. There you can set Stock and Product Stock Options. When you select Yes option for Display Out of Stock Products out of stock products will appear in Magento catalog, however they will not be available for purchase. In Product Stock options you can set various options for shopping cart and quantity of orders.

In this tutorial we have found out where to set common configuration settings of Magento store.

Feel free to check the detailed video tutorial below:

Magento. Store settings overview