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Muse templates. How to set up contact form

This tutorial shows how to set up Contact form in Muse templates.

Muse templates. How to set up contact form

  1. Unzip the template and go to sources/AdobeMuse folder. Open .muse file using Adobe Muse software:

    How to edit Muse templates-1

  2. Open Contacts page:

    How to edit Muse templates-2

  3. Scroll down to the bottom of page. There you can see a contact form:

    How to edit Muse templates-3

  4. Choose Selection Tool. Click on main form frame. Click on arrow in top right side of section with form:

    How to edit Muse templates-4

  5. You can see contact form options. There you can specify e-mail. Messages will be submitted to the e-mail you specify in this section:

    How to edit Muse templates-5

  6. Select Text tool and change text above the contact form. You can change contact form labels using Text tool as well:

    How to edit Muse templates-6

  7. Go to File -> Save Site in order to save changes you have performed to .muse file:

    How to edit Muse templates-7

  8. Go to File -> Export as HTML. Specify web site domain name. Select folder for web site files:

    How to edit Muse templates-8

  9. You may get a warning message. Make sure that correct e-mail is specified and click OK:

    How to edit Muse templates-9

  10. Open contact page in your browser. We have set contact form:

    How to edit Muse templates-10

Feel free to check the detailed video tutorial below:

Muse templates. How to set up contact form