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Newsletter & Email Templates. Mailchimp Integration

This tutorial shows how to integrate e-mail template to Mailchimp.

Newsletter & Email Templates. Mailchimp Integration

  1. Zip the content of \newsletter\mailchimp folder which is located inside your template package.

    Email Template. Mailchimp Integration-3

  2. Log into http://mailchimp.com/ website.

  3. Go to Templates. Click on Create new template.

    Email Template. Mailchimp Integration-1

  4. Go to Code Your Own tab. Import zip file.

    Email Template. Mailchimp Integration-2

  5. Specify the template name, select .zip file you have created and click Upload.

    Email Template. Mailchimp Integration-4

  6. Click on Save and Exit button.

    Email Template. Mailchimp Integration-5

  7. We have integrated Newsletter template to Mailchimp.

    Email Template. Mailchimp Integration-6

Feel free to check the detailed video tutorial below:

Newsletter & Email Templates. Mailchimp Integration