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osCommerce. How to edit social icons

This tutorial shows how to edit and manage Social Bookmarks module in Oscommerce templates.

You can find social icons in product page. Please note that location of module can be different in your template

1. Open admin section and go to Modules-Social Bookmarks. There we can see list to modules that appear on Social Bookmarks module.

2. In order to remove particular module you should select it and click Remove Module

Refresh your home page. We have removed E-Mail module. Result you can see in the screenshot below.

3. In order to install additional modules or install module you have removed you should go to Install Module section. Select the module you need to install and click on Install Module. Please note that list of additional modules can be different in your template.

Refresh your home page. We have installed Facebook Like module. Result you can check in the screenshot below.

4. Let’s change order of modules. You should change Sort order values in order to change order of modules. Select Facebook module for example and click on edit. Set order value.

Save changes and check your site. Position of Facebook module was changed.

5. In order to change social icon image you should go to images\social_bookmarks (location of images can be different in your template). Replace original images with your own images. Keep the same file names and image dimensions. We have replaced facebook.png file. Result you can check below.

In this tutorial we have found out how to manage Social Bookmarks module.

Feel free to check the detailed video tutorial below:

osCommerce. How to edit social icons