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Silverlight. How to create button and assign external link.

1. Open the “TMTemplate” project file from ‘\sources\TMTemplate’ folder in Microsoft Expression Blend program

2. Locate the page on which you need to add a button and open it in the Scene.

3. Navigate to [User Control] panel and click on the button symbol to create a button, then place it anywhere on the Scene.

4. You may then relocate the button position and resize it to fit your needs.

5. While your new button is still selected, navigate to the [Common Properties] panel on your right hand side. There, in the [content] section, you can give your button a name. In this case, we will name this button ‘GoToGoogle

6. After that is done, navigate to your [Tools] panel, on your left hand side and click on the ‘assets’ tool [>>] then go to ‘behaviors’ and select the ‘HyperLinkAction’ option.

7. In order to assign a link to the button, navigate to the [Common Properties] panel on your right hand side and in the [Navigate Uri] section type in the URL. In this case it is ‘http://google.com

8. Press F5 key to publish the project.


Feel free to check the detailed video tutorial below:

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