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Silverlight. How to work with project file and publish it.

This is a general tutorial on how to modify and publish Silverlight Site Template.

1. Download the template files, extract it. You will find another archive “sources_xxxxxxxx.zip” a password protected file. Extract your ‘sources‘ file and open it up.

2. Open ‘TMTemplate‘ folder

3. Now, open the "TMTemplate.sln" file in Microsoft Expression Blend 4 application.

NOTE: please check the software required section on the Template Preview page, to see which Expression Blend version you need to use in order to edit the template.

4. Once we open "TMTemplate.sln" file in Microsoft Expression Blend program, we’ll see:

  • -the Scene, in the middle, where we can see the actual template
  • project tabObjects and Timeline tab

5. Lets modify our Menu Item Titles:

  • -Locate the menu in the ‘Objects and Timeline’ section on your left hand side and select the first menu item.
  • -navigate to your ‘Common Properties’ panel on your right hand side, where we can modify the text for that first menu item.
  • -Simply type in new text and hit ‘enter’ key on your keyboard.

We will be able to see how it looks on the Scene now. Repeat the process for all the menu items.

6. We can modify the ‘Footer’ section, following the same method.

7. Absolutely the same steps for the Logo/Company Name and slogan.

8. In order to modify the Pages, navigate to the ‘Projects’ section on your top left hand side and open the ‘Pages’ folder.

9. There, we can see all the pages, such as "About.xaml" file, "Clients.xaml", "Contacts.xaml" etc.

  • -Double click on the page, which you wish to edit. We can see the page in the Scene now.
  • -We can also modify the text font type, size and color using the Properties panel, on the right hand side.

10. In order to edit/change images, select an image, navigate to the ‘Common Properties’ panel on the right hand side and click on the ‘browse’ button to change the image Source.

11. After we are done editing the template, we should Publish the Project. Go to Project->Run Project

NOTE: This may take a minute.

12. In order to upload the template to the server, we should upload the content of "sources/TMTemplateSite" folder.
We can upload the files using Any FTP manager program or FileManager via your hosting provider Control Panel. In this example we are using FileZilla client:

  • -On our left hand side, we can see our local files, stored on the Computer.
  • -On our right hand side, we have connected to our server and created a folder ‘Silverlight’ where all the files will be uploaded to.

13. Go to ‘sources\TMTemplate\TMTemplateSite’

14. Select all the files.

15. Drag them to the right side.

Type in your domain name in the browser to see your site.


Feel free to check the detailed video tutorial below:

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