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This section deals with editing Dynamic Flash templates. Please use the navigation buttons below or main navigation menu to browse the topics.

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Q: I want to change some pictures in my dynamic flash template. I took the pictures, same size and same format (“.jpg”) and saved them with the same names (e.g. tfile-picx.jpg), uploaded them on my server with the same folder structure and they don’t appear in my website! Can you tell me what the problem is?

A: Please

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Dynamic Flash Templates are able to load symbols with diacritical marks from the external file. But some adjustments should be done.

When you’re editing the external content HTML file you should save it in Unicode format. For example, you’re using default windows notepad editor: edit the text first, and then choose “Save as” from the File menu. Change the encoding …

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Our Dynamic Flash Sites have a built-in contact form that allows you receive all contact messages at your e-mail address. Note, that your hosting must support PHP or ASP for the contact form to function.

To set up your contact form you have to find out if your webhosting is PHP or ASP based. In your configuration file “tfile_main.html” you …

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