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osCommerce. How to edit footer

To edit the footer copyright notification in your OsCommerce store you can follow these instructions:

1. Please, enter your OsCommerce administration tool

2. Select the Configuration Tab and click My Store button.

3. Select Store name and click Edit button to change this text to your needs.

4. Refresh your store page to see the changes.

 To add any additional text you have to edit English.php file. Open your osCommerce installation directory -> Go to includes\languages\ directory

5. Open English.php file with your PHP editor and edit the PHP variable  ‘FOOTER_TEXT_BODY‘. You can put your text after     © symbols and save changes.

6. Refresh the store page to see your changes.

In case you need to change the footer menu links please check tutorial how to edit footer menu links


Feel free to check the detailed video tutorial below:

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