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OpenCart. How to edit logo

This video tutorial will show you how to edit a logo in your OpenCart template.

1) To edit the logo we should edit PSD file with Adobe Photoshop. The PSD files are located in sources/psd folder.

2) Please open it using Adobe Photoshop. And edit the logo. Then you should save the edited logo.

3) Please refer to the following tutorial How to save for web it explains how to save the image for web.

4) Now we should upload our new logo.

5) Access OpenCart administration panel. In the browser address bar type your_domain_name/admin

6) Login using your username and password

7) From the top menu select System -> Settings and click Edit button.

8) Select Image tab. Here we can change store logo. Please click on Browse Files to upload and select our new logo

9) Click on Upload button to upload our logo

10) Select the image to upload it. You should receive the message that the image was uploaded. Locate it in the list and double click on it to select it and Save the changes.

11) Please refresh the site to check the new logo.

Feel free to check the detailed video tutorial below:

OpenCart. How to edit logo