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Monstroid Theme Documentation


Working with the portfolio post types

Cherry Portfolio is based on custom post type - Portfolio. To have the portfolio post format available, Cherry Portfolio plugin should be installed.

To add a new Portfolio post, click "Add New" in the portfolio section in the WordPress admin panel.

As Portfolio posts are a variation of default WordPress post, creating new posts should not be a problem. You can learn more about WordPress custom posts.

  1. Fill in all necessary fields (title, content).
  2. Upload an image using the Featured Image option (click Set featured image).
  3. Click Publish.
Choosing portfolio post format.

You can use the following post types in portfolio post:

  • Image
    default gallery post type. Displays post image only.
  • Slideshow
    gallery project is displayed in a slideshow. This gallery post type can contain an unlimited number of images.
  • Gallery
    post images are displayed in a grid gallery. This gallery post type can contain unlimited number of images.
  • Video
    you can add video from any video hosting like YouTube, Vimeo, etc using this gallery post type.
  • Audio
    this gallery post type allows to add an audio file.
Portfolio Category Filter

This option allows you to change categories display order. The categories are ordered alphabetically no matter how they were added to the Cherry Portfolio.