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Monstroid Theme Documentation


Monstroid is compatible with WoCommerce and includes full design integration as well as custom shortcodes. To get started with creating your online shop, you need to install a WooCommerce Plugin (Recommended). The standard WooCommerce documenation is quite basic. Please take a look at the important links below that have additional information about using WooCommerce.

Create products

  • Click on the Products sidebar menu and click on “Add Product” button. Enter a name for your product at the top of the page.
  • Enter the product description text into the post content field, this will be all the product information.
  • The “Product Data” box is where you enter all the product details (price, SKU, shipping, and more).
  • The “Product Short Description” box is for adding a short intro text that will show up next to your main images.
  • Set your main “Featured Image” in the right sidebar Featured Image box. This has to be done for every product.
  • To use a gallery of images, insert more images in the “Product Gallery” box.
  • Enter your categories in the “Product Categories” box and enter your tags in the “Product Tags” box.
  • When all your data is entered, click “Publish” and the item will now show on your shop homepage.

Using WooCommerce cart

In order to activate and use WooCommerce cart, you just need to go to Appearance > Widgets and assign the WooCommerce cart widget to the widget area you like. E.g.