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Monstroid Theme Documentation


Monstroid theme installation has never been this quick and easy. The installation process includes 3 steps only: Monstroid Wizard installation, installation of Monstroid or any child theme, sample data installation.

If you don't want to spend your time installing the template, don't hesitate to order installation service using our live-chat.

All installation steps can be completed through the WordPress dashboard, which speeds up the whole process.

You can verify this by clicking on the link below:

WordPress installation

Download the required WordPress version. You can check which version is recommended on the template preview page in the requirements list. Make sure you download the correct version.

You can download the WordPress platform at the official website: Download WordPress . If you need another release, follow this link: WordPress versions archive . Once the platform is downloaded, you'll need to unpack the files. You can use any file archiver tool that support ZIP format to unpack the ZIP file.

These tutorials will show you how to unpack the archived file, if you have Windows OS (using WinZip) and if you have MAC OS (using StuffitExpander) .

Once WordPress platform files and folders are unpacked, you need to upload them to the hosting server.

Upload files and folders to the server into the PUBLIC_HTML or WWW directory.

If you can't find the PUBLIC_HTML or WWW directory on your hosting server, contact your hosting provider and find out where you should upload website files to.

You can also take a look at these tutorials that contain detailed information on how to upload the files to a hosting server:

Next, you need to create a database for the WordPress platform.

You can create it using the database management tool in the hosting cpanel (as arule it is PhpMyAdmin). With the help of phpMyAdmin you can create a new database in 3 simple steps (check the slides below):

  1. Click the Database button at the top navigation menu to see the list of databases.

  2. Enter database name in the "Create new database" field.

  3. Click the "Create" "button.

You will see the new database in the list now. Click on the title to access it.

If you face any difficulties while creating the database, contact your hosting provider for tech support.

You can also check the following tutorials:

Enter the WordPress directory path into the browser address bar and click Enter. WordPress installation will begin.

Creating the configuration file

WordPress installation screen will inform you that you are missing the configuration file. Click "Create Configuration File" to create it.

Creating configuration file.

Database details.

Please note that the prefix of WordPress database tables should be wp_.

You need to enter the WordPress database connection details here.

Inserting database details.

Website details.

You need to enter the next details:

  1. website name
  2. administrator login and password
  3. website e-mail

Click "Install WordPress."

Inserting website details.

If you have entered the correct details, you will see a message about successful installation and the WordPress dashboard access button.

Install WordPress button.

You can also take a look at these video tutorials:

Automatic installation using Monstroid Wizard

Open your template delivery page and find the License key and link to download Monstroid Wizard plugin. Download the plugin by clicking on the link or opening it in a new window:

Open WordPress dashboard, go to Plugins > Add New. Click the Upload Plugin button:

Choose the plugin you have downloaded previously and install it:

Activate Monstroid Wizard plugin:

Go to Tools > Monstroid Wizard. You should enter the activation key in order to start theme installation process:

Activation Key is specified on the template delivery page. Open your template download page and copy the License key:

Paste the activation key. Click Start in order to perform installation:

You will see Monstroid Main theme and Child themes. Select the theme you would like to install. We are going to install the Monstroid Main Theme (1):

Installation process may take some time till all the files are uploaded:

Now you should select the location of sample data. In most cases sample data should be uploaded from the cloud:

ATTENTION! Sample data installation will overwrite the current content of your site.

Sample data was downloaded from the cloud. You can continue installation:

Sample data installation is in progress:

Theme and sample data was installed successfully:

Please check your site:

Feel free to check the detailed video tutorial.

Manual Installation

If for some reason installation using Cherry Wizard is not an option, you can install Cherry Framework and the theme manually.

If you don't want to spend your time installing the template, don't hesitate to order installation service using our live-chat.

Install Cherry Framework

  1. Download Cherry Framework 4 .
  2. Open the WordPress admin panel and go to the "Appearance -> Themes" section.
  3. Click the "Add new" button and click "Upload theme."
  4. Upload the Cherry Framework 4 package.
Please make sure Cherry Framework 4 archive is named ''

Install Cherry Theme

  1. Download the theme using the link on the template delivery page. Check your email account for template delivery email.
  2. Open the WordPress admin panel and go to "Appearance -> Themes."
  3. Upload the Cherry theme package.
  4. Activate Cherry theme.

If you have difficulties with installing the theme through the WordPress admin panel, you can upload it through the FTP File Manager.

  1. Unpack the archive and archive on your local computer (right-click each .zip file, choose Unzip to: CherryFramework and theme####, after that you will see 2 folders: CherryFramework and theme####).
  2. Upload the CherryFramework and theme### folders into the /wp-content/themes/ directory on the FTP server.
  3. Log into the WordPress dashboard (add /wp-admin after the domain name in the browser address bar).
  4. Click Appearance > Themes .
  5. Then click Available Themes, find theme#### and activate it clicking the Activate button.

Install Cherry Plugins

To make a Cherry based website fully functional, you need to install all the required plugins that provide additional functionality to the default WordPress engine.

  1. Under Appearance -> Themes you will see a warning message saying that your theme requires certain plugins to be installed for its proper working. Click on Begin Installing Plugins.
  2. Check all the plugins and select Install in the drop-down menu. Click Apply.
  3. Wait until the installation is complete.
  4. Activate plugins.

To install Cherry Plugins manually, please do the following:

  1. Download all the required plugins. You can find them here.
  2. Open the WordPress admin panel.
  3. Go to "Plugins > Add New."
  4. Click the "Upload Plugin" button.
  5. Search for the plugins in your downloaded template package in the "source" directory.
  6. When you have all plugins uploaded, you need to activate them.
  7. Go to the Plugins section and click the Activate links under each plugin.

Install Sample Data

To make your theme look similar with the template live demo, please install sample data. You can do this manually or using Data Manager tool.

Data Manager

Download and install Data Manager plugin. Install Open WordPress admin panel and go to "Tools > Cherry Import" section

Open your downloaded template package and go to "theme\sample_data\" directory. All files from this directory should be uploaded to Cherry Import. You can select all files (CTRL+A) and drag them to the Cherry Import section or click "Browse local files" in Cherry Import.

If all files are uploaded, you'll be able to Continue Installation.

Please note: .json and .xml files are required for correct sample data installation.

Click "Continue Install" button to proceed.

When the installation process is done, you can preview your website. It should be as on the live demo.

Sample Data Manual Installation
  1. Copy the "uploads" folder (you can find it in the theme/manual_install/ template folder) into the /wp-content/ folder on the FTP server.
  2. Open the theme####.sql file (located in the theme/manual_install/ folder) using any code editor (Recommended software: Dreamweaver or Notepad) and change all lines with "your_website_url_here" to your website URL via Find and Replace (hot keys - Ctrl+H). E.g.:
  3. There should be no forward slash "/" at the end of the URL.
  4. Save changes and close the file.
  5. Now you can import this file through phpMyAdmin or another database management tool.

Congratulations, now you have completely installed the Cherry Theme.

How to update Monstroid

Monstroid installation contains several WordPress components: Cherry Framework, Cherry Plugins and Monstroid theme itself. Each component can be updated separately.

How to update Cherry Framework and Cherry Plugins

When new version of Cherry Framework is available you'll see a notification in your WordPress admin panel in "Dashboard -> Updates" section.

Click on 'updates' menu item to see what components can be updated. Just click on any element you want to update and proceed. The update process is exactly the same as WordPress core update.

Plugins, that have updates available can also be seen in "Plugins -> Update Available" section.

Click "Update Now" button to download plugin updates.

How to update Monstroid theme

Monstroid theme itself is a child theme for Cherry Framework and it is updated in semi-automatic mode. All functionality updates you will receive with Cherry Framework and Cherry Plugins updates. Theme files should be reinstalled manually.

Reinstalling Monstroid theme will delete your theme and cherry options changes. Please backup your data to save your changes.

To update Monstroid theme please do the following:

  1. Perform settings backup under "Cherry > Options". Just scroll to the end of the page and locate the Export button:

    Make sure you have Cherry Data Manager plugin included.

  2. Backup your theme files ("wp-content/themes/monstroid" directory).

  3. Delete Monstroid theme from "Appearance -> Themes" section in admin panel.

  4. Download theme archive and follow Manual Installation to install new version of Monstroid theme or

  5. you can use Monstroid Wizard ("Tools > Monstroid Wizard"). Make sure to delete "Monstroid Wizard" plugin and reinstall it from this link before update.

  6. Import your updated files from the backup and import Cherry Options if required.